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  1. I did the clean install and no longer have that report definition error message. The paths seem to be the same as they were before, so I don't know where the bug was. Anyway, thank you for still being available for support. 



    I think the paths are ok. I assume the program wouldn't open if the paths were not correct. And I've restarted my computer numerous times. I've done a reinstall/repair from the downloaded installer. I was going to try the "clean TMG install" next, unless you have any other suggestions.



  2. Just recently got a new computer and reinstalled TMG 9.05. Data entry is ok, but just tried to print a report. Instead of a preview screen of the report, I get a "Locate cdintf~1.dll" box, and when I exit from the box clicking Ignore, I get Program Error: OLE error code: 0x80040154: Class not registered. Does anyone know what the problem could be?

  3. I had the same Windows installer error when trying to update from 8.06 to 8.07. When i went back to TMG, the program had been removed. So I had to download the trial version from the Wholly Genes website. When I installed that my whole program was there, with my own 32-digit code, not the trial version. Gave me quite a scare, since I've just had a couple of other problems resolved in the last couple weeks. Got comfort knowing I have the sqz backups. That's the name of the game: BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!

  4. Thanks for your time and efforts with my TMG problem. It's strange that no one else encountered this problem. Perhaps because my project did not get updated to 8.05, before going to 8.06. At least it's not such a monstrous problem that it prevents TMG from being used. And I can still use the "Note" tag to record the information on nonblood relationships. How will I find out if the programmers find a solution? Will it be in this thread?

  5. The extra "My Documents" folder is some folder that my computer manufacturer placed on there. When I click on it, an error message tells me I don't have access to that folder. I think it is empty anyway. I can't edit or delete it even though I am the Administrator and the ONLY user of this computer. The other "My Documents" folder is the one that has my TMG files.


    I uploaded the following file which has all the project files from February and March 2013 before the 20 March power outage. File is C:Hamster ArchiveFiles to Upload to TMG Support.zip


    I also uploaded a zip file of the whole Projects folder. This is D:Projects.zip

  6. I uploaded my PJC file. File name is G:UserspatjMy DocumentsThe Master Genealogist v8 Old ComputerFiles to Upload to TMG SupportJohnson Family_.PJC


    The date on the file is 20 Mar 2013 which is the day that a power outage destroyed the mother board on my computer. I was going to send multiple files, but it seems that Message Manager will upload only one file at a time.

  7. When I click on the tag to use it I get this error: Variable 'LAROLES' is not found 60 FRMEVENTS.MCREATEROLES2


    I think that there is supposed to be "Principal" in the boxes in the upper left of the Tag Entry Box, but these boxes are blank, and the ID number and name of the person should display, but this is blank as well. If I continue and enter the relationship in the Memo field, I get the following error: operator/operand type mismatch. 5 FRMEVENTS.CNTPARENTCHILD1.MVALIDATE


    If I do a lookup and enter the person for the tag, I get an error: The same person has been entered as a Principal more than once.


    None of the custom tags entered in TMG 8.04 are displaying in TMG 8.06.


    It's even difficult to Cancel or Exit from the error messages.


    If there is no solution, I think I will just use the "Note" tag for the same relationship info. I'll have to start over and enter the "Note" tag for the 500+ people that already had the custom tag in TMG 8.04

  8. In TMG 8.04, I created a custom tag, Relationship to You, to record nonblood relationships, as in the online Ancestry Family Tree. On my new computer, TMG was automatically upgraded to 8.06, and now my custom tag does not work. TMG will not allow me to just delete the tag, because it is attached to people in my database.Are there any solutions?