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  1. Exporting descendants of one person

    That's great, thank you everyone, all working now! A tip: Never get ten years behind on your software... Adrian
  2. Exporting descendants of one person

    The options I have are: Current focus person or My Project The latter has the options All People, Selected People on Project Explorer, and People in Focus Group. I can't see a way of selecting all descendants in Project Explorer, is it lurking under focus group somewhere then? [old git]It was so much easier in version 4.0[/old git]. I won't reply for a while as it's bed time, so no need to hurry! Thanks, Adrian
  3. I've been trying to do this (as a GEDCOM), via the export ccommand in the File menu, but only seem to be able to export the one person. I'd like to export all their descendants - has anyone any idea what I'm doing wrong, please? Thanks, Adrian
  4. Just an update. Dorothy did indeed sort me out - in fact, all I needed to do was to back up my file, then import the .sqz file (actually, I guess I'd better check for any others on my old hard drive as well...) to my new computer. After a few minutes when it thought everyone on the picklist was number 186, which had me worried, it settled down and all seems fine. Now I just have to catch up on 12 years and four versions worth of updated features... wish me luck! Many thanks, Jim and Dorothy! Adrian
  5. Thank you, Jim! As soon as I've posted this I will do just that. Adrian
  6. It's longer than I thought since I updated my software... though admittedly I did rather grind to a halt in 2004! Anyway, I'm assuming that I have to buy the latest version of TMG, especially as I have just bought a latop running Windows 7. Can anyone offer help as to the best way to transfer my data from the old PC to the new one? Many thanks, Adrian