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  1. I have an old-style Family Tree Maker database (.FTW) which contains people who are siblings, but for whom the parents are not known. In FTM, I can click on "parents of" one of the siblings, at which point a record is displayed with no names for the mother or father, but the three siblings are displayed under "children". When I imported this database into TMG directly from the FTW file, all three siblings are listed as individuals in the index, but there is no sign I can find of a relationship linkage between them. The "siblings" window shows no siblings for any of them.
  2. I just downloaded the evaluation version of TMG v9. I imported a data set from Family Tree Maker (.FTW file). I have tried to display an ancestor box chart in Visual Chartform, which results in drawing a window frame which immediately disappears. I tried saving as a bitmap file, and no bitmap file is created. I tried reducing the number of generations from 10 to 3, still no chart displayed. I also tried a fan chart, and got no display. Is the evaluation version not capable of displaying charts? I am running Windows 7 x64 with 8GB RAM.