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  1. Hi, I was originally using V8.08, UK Gold - and migrated to V9.00 UK Gold (I've just double-checked using "About The Master Genealogist" from the Help Menu). As far as I can tell, it was the migration that seems to have caused this change in roles. I have reverted to using V8 with an earlier backup. The UK 1861 census (Class: RG 9; Piece: 1115; Folio: 21; Page: 9; ) is of Jabez (637) with his wife Betsey (751); children Jane (752), William (761) and Kate (753). The tag should have Jabez with the role "Head of Family", Betsey as wife, Jane & Kate as daughters and William as son.
  2. Good afternoon - and many thanks for the quick reply. You can see this behaviour from the project I shared with you for my other problem (Gray_C 2014-02-10 19-27-56.sqz). In this case please look at "Jabez Pluck" (1:637) and the 1861, 1871, 1881 and 1891 census tags. This is visible elsewhere in the project (e.g. 1:437, 1881) but I'd hesitate to say how much of the project is impacted. If you need me to re-send you the link to this backup file - just let me know. Thanks again. Your quick and positive responses - with those of everyone involved with TMG - help keep this way ahead of the competition.
  3. Good morning. I've just had a bit of a shock. I had previously upgraded to V9 but, due to the problem I had with adding witnesses, am using the same database with V8 until V9.01 arrives. I have Census tags with roles and sentances for the witnesses. So - for example - I have the principles as head of Family and Wife with the sons, daughters, servants, lodgers, aunts, father-in-law, etc, etc. I have just found that on a signifiant number of census entries - the role names have been completely altered. One example shows that my P1 is now Father, with a son being Head of Family with two daughters now being wives. Help...
  4. Missmatch 6222 GROLESEN4

    This Tag is one of a series covering the English & Wales census indices and they are meant to be the same other than the date in the sentences for the roles. I say "meant to be" since some may have an extra role which I've not added to all of the others. As mentioned above - this error happens when I select the "add witness" symbol in one Tag and where I have one witness already there. I had previously used the 1851 and 1861 Tags and the witnesses are the same for 1861 and 1871. There is a difference between the two census entries - 1871 has a "head of family" but no "wife". I have not yet tried the other census tags (1841, 1881-1911) nor have I yet tried the 1871 tag with another family. I will probably do that tonight.
  5. I'm running TMG V9 on Windows 7 (64-bit) and am adding witnesses to a Census Tag when I'm presented with a pop-up saying "Operator/operand type mismatch 6222 GROLESEN4". I've already input two census tags since I started with V9 - no problems. In fact the previous Tag had the same witnesses. These witnesses are new (they were not in V8). The Tags have been used for ages and I have not changed them. So - I open the Tag (Census 1871), fill in a few fields and then add a witness. It is when adding the second witness that the pop-up occurs. I try the three options on the pop-up - skip, retry, cancel - to no avail - the application is frozen and I need to use the Task manager to kill the application. I have tried VFI and optimise followed by a reboot - all to no avail. I've been using TMG for a while (I think from V6) and rarely find errors.