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  1. What sex am I !?

    Thanks for the reply Jim, I wasn't aware of having changed any templates, but must've changed something. As I had only just started the project I created a new one - problem solved. Must be more careful, and do plenty of backups. Bryan
  2. What sex am I !?

    Hi all, I have this problem. I sure I can't be the only one - but you never know. Completely new install of version 9.01. Adding my very first person using Add/Unrelated, I then chose sex (M or F) and whatever I chose at the top of the next add person screen the sex is the opposite. If I chose M and continue to add some details and then the resulting person has the sex flag set to F. If i change this flag to M and then got to add person I get the option of "husband" available. If I add children the father becomes the mother and vice versa. I'm confused, can someone tell me I've done something really stupid here. Bryan