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  1. Thank You! Problem Solved. Version 9 must have come with this option selected. I usually do a thorough comparison of my preferences each time a new version comes out and I just must have missed this one.
  2. Version 9 changed the method of moving down from one place field to the next. The down arrow now moves you down into the next fields place label and not the data entry field. This is very frustrating. Can't this either be returned to the previous behavior or at least provide a selection option to change this method of behavior in the preferences?
  3. Event Tags for Land Transactions

    I am also interested in how other users have handled land transactions as I am working on a database of people who have lived in/been associated with one specific town. I have created two custom tags, one land and the other deed. BUT, I have two problems I have not figured out a good way to deal with: 1. Has anyone figured a way to create a "non-person" individual to participate in a tag event: e.g., a property transaction between a corporation -- say the Mississippi Land Company -- and a person. Being able to have such a corporation appear in many land transactions over a period of years allows you to track the "genealogy" of pieces of property down thru many generations and perhaps several corporations or associations. 2. Has anyone figured a way to have MANY individuals associated with one event: e.g., say a convention or corporate meeting on some date where there is a President, Vice-president, secretary, board of directors (with several directors), etc., etc., and still have the text produced in a report make sense? I have been able to partially fix this for my Land Tag where I have defined primary roles for Grantor, Grantee, etc - I can select two primary individuals to be Grantor and Grantee and then add additional Grantor and Grantee witness roles and a the sentences seem to work OK; but other examples produce convoluted sentences in reports.