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  1. Print to pdf

    Thank you. I knew it had to be easier than printing and scanning back to a pdf
  2. Print to pdf

    Some time ago I found a clear concise guide to the work-round on TMG to saving/printing to pdf under Windows 10. I am now far to dim to remember the instructions or to find them again. Could Jim, when he has a moment, please guide me to his instructions. John
  3. On the basis that every child has a PAr, that seems logical. Thank you Jim.
  4. I've never actually noticed that the Individual preview report lacks the person's parents and there doesn't seem to be a way of sticking them in. I only noticed this with an unamed child, the details of whom I want to send to the co-author so that we can discuss the interpretaion of the sources. What I want is "(Child) Sewall, child of John Doe Sewall and Jean Doe Sewall, was born ..." Individual Narrative of (Child) Sewall (Child) SEWALL was born circa 27 August 1825 in Boston, Massachusetts. He/she died on 15 September 1825 in Boston, Massachusetts. Now there must be such a report lurking there, which I haven't yet discovered, or that I'm too senile to work out how to construct one. John
  5. I had been inspired by a book by Reigel, Terry: A Primer for The Master Genealogist, where at p. 72 he describes this wonderful tool called Secondary Output. This appeared to solve most of my problems. You now mention a Focus Group. I remember when this was announced and I decided then that it would be of no interest to me, so I never looked at it. Accepting that my judgment was, as always, too hasty, and seeing that it is dealt with in the above mention primer for the befuddled, I'll spend a wet afternoon playing with it. Thank you all, but I'll probably be back with another foolish question.
  6. You correctly recognised the ramblings of a senile old fool. I made a filter Surname // = Equals // Jones // OR Surname // =Equals // Smith // END and used this in Second Site, which is where I read the names of wives but only the maiden names of daughters, though the index there gave their married names. Being fully aware of the present dangers of discriminating in the way I treat any gender I think that I may have solved it with a filter which reads Surname // = Equals // Jones // OR Surname // =Equals // Smith // AND Name-Marr...// Any Name Field // = Equals // Jones // OR Name-Marr...// Any Name Field // = Equals// Smith // END I had already refined Jones and Smith as descendants of a common progenitor but I can't ensure that the females who have either of the married names are not in fact married to a Smith or Jones in whom I have no interest. Apart from using SS I presume that if I make a flag for the above filter I could then produce a TMG report?
  7. I have a Filtered search which is Name A AND Name B = Y, this naturally can give me a report of all male descendants and their wives and the daughters but I wish to add the husbands of the daughters. TMG seems to discriminate on grounds of gender or because I haven't asked the right question :-) John
  8. Change font in memo

    Thank you Terry. I feared that I would have to use left indent, which I already use for something similar. I shall read the Second Sight help files in due course but since I am still learning how to use TMG, and because I am a mere male I do not have the ability to multi-task.
  9. In a single tag entry memo I want to either reduce the font size or change the font for part of the text. In other programmes I would select "Smaller" or "Font = " but I don't seem to have either choice in TMG. The various font sizes are pre-set in Reports and if I select Format> Point size then that point size is carried through to reports, which will look weird when I resize a report. Any suggestions? John
  10. Embed an html link

    Thank you Terry. I stupidly searched TMG sources rather than your helpful tips for SS. I fear that the brain is going as I now have to remember for whom it was that I needed the link
  11. I have completely forgotten, if I ever managed to do it in the past, how to stick an html link in a tag. In this case I want to somehow link to a copyrighted obituary/appreciation. When the record reaches SS I need it to read " John Doe died on 1 January 1999 in Boston <OBITUARY> " or something of the sort. I've browsed the exellent TMG books and sites, but found nothing, could someone point me to an idiot's guide, please.
  12. Age calculations incorrect

    Do you mean that the age column for his birth is showing 39? Have you tried running File>Maintenance, that usually sorts out any glitches. Update: I've just come across an instance in my own database and it is caused by the birth sort date field being empty
  13. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    Thanks Virginia, I have had a look but all the problems/ solutions seem to refer to the error happening when opening Office/ word/ excel and other nasty MS offerings and not nice old TMG, SS, and my lepidoptera database.
  14. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    I have a strange problem with TMG and Windows 10 which I have raised with Microsoft support and I am just checking here to see if anyone has had a similar problem. Upon opening either TMG or Second Site, Windows installer tries to call Microsoft Office Single Image 2010, I have another programme in which upon opening normally Windows Installer pops up and tries to run a non existant Nuance PDF viewer. Clicking through Cancel eventually lets me run the programme. MS support have taken the matter on and are due to have a look at the problem later this week.
  15. Filter Picklist error

    Two days later and the problem has gone away, I can filter picklists again. I really do hate computers but they are better than dropping a whole card index on the floor (maybe).