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  1. I get an error message from Ctrl-S "Cannot find required dictionary file: Words1.dbf" This file is currently to be found in Drive:\Program Files\the master genealogist v7. I am using Windows XP. Preference is set to internal dictionary. So where should Words1.dbf be living?
  2. Spell checker

    It wasn't a mis-type C:\Documents and Settings\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7 does exist which probably explains why I haven't been able to understand the instructions in the Help file! I had a malware attack earlier in the year. The hard drive had to be reformatted and restored by the local geek (and don't mention firewalls and anti-virus software - I saw the thing come in and grab IE, which I don't use, and there was nothing that I could do to stop it. The firewall and AVG ignored it ) Whether that caused it I don't know. John
  3. Spell checker

    Thank you both for your help. I think that I have solved the mystery as to why the help files and the dictionary files were not available to me. It appears that I have two file directories 1. C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7 and 2.C:\Documents and Settings\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\The Master Genealogist v7 Quite which one TMG is currently using and how to amalgamate the two directories (for they have other files in them) is beyond my very small brain. John
  4. Spell checker

    There was nothing that looked like a help file in the c:\Program Files\The Master Genealogist v7 folder so I re-installed from the previous download and this time the help files appeared in the program. I read the help file and finding nothing resembling the dictionary I copied all the words files across and it seems to work. Thanks for your help.
  5. Spell checker

    I would willingly if the help files loaded but they don't. John
  6. Spell checker

    OK, I have re-installed TMG7.03 UK on drive C: but I still get the same error message. I have Words1-3.dbf in the programme file. Search fails to find any other Words*.dbf on drive C:
  7. Spell checker

    In a word - no! The problem could be that I run TMG7 on a portable drive. I suppose I have to-re-install? John
  8. On loading TMG 7.3 today I get a message File does not exist 59 APPOBJECT.SHOW, if I ignore that I get a sequence of APPOBJECT.SHOW not existing I have tried reloading the 7.3 update, with not perceptable change. Any suggestions? John
  9. File does not exist

    Jim, Thanks for that. I ignored the Shared Data folder on the basis that TMG is not set as a shared programme, silly me, Microsoft knows best. John
  10. File does not exist

    Thank you for that as I couldn't access the help files. Tried re-installing 7.03 with no improvement. Couldn't find TMG in Add/Remove programme so deleted the Programme file and the My Document/TMG7 files. Downloaded and re-installed the full UK version - same result, same error message John
  11. File does not exist

    No, I'm running XP (whatever the latest is). I find this is not a TMG problem, somehow I have lost all the content of a number of files on Drive C: though directory structure is in place. Which TMG file holds the buttons and graphics so that I can copy it back from an old backup? John
  12. 7.03 Download error for UK Version

    I received the newsletter this morning, followed the update instructions and found the same problem. John
  13. Open Office

    What progress is being made to allow us to use Open Office as a file type for report outputs? I presently choose one of the Word outputs but OO doesn't handle everything correctly; it's good enough for mailing to a colleague but not for publishing. Has anyone found a near perfect file type that Open Office can handle? John
  14. Using TMG7.02 UK Edition and when I now go to edit a sentence in the Master Tag Type List, English seems dulled and there are no language options so I get the default US ? English even though I have edited a sentence in an individual tag entry. On going to File > Language English is selected and dulled, as is Customize. What have I missed? John
  15. Language Problem?

    Thank you, that seems to have worked fine. There is no need to now discuss as to why UK English is not THE language of choice John
  16. Language Problem?

    I simply went Help>Update and accepted the language pack as usual. There are 3 stings files DBF, FPT and upd in the TMG7 Directory and a strings.fpt file in All Users\Application Data How do a find the language pack? and where do I stick it John
  17. Could someone please remind me as to why I get no letter b. in a Descendant Indented Chart when I get m and d (I do get the dates OK) John
  18. Fool, I don't know how many times you have been told this. Go to Master Tag Type List. Birth Tag, edit and you will find that the abbreviation box is blank. Try putting in b. and all your problems will be solved. John
  19. Index error

    I keep getting "index does not match the table. Delete the index file and re-create the index. 4204 CINTLSTRING.RESOURCEINSERT" The machine has had maintenance run several times and the error message still pops up, last time was when I went to the pick-list. Could someone please suggest what index this is and where it might be? John
  20. Index error

    It's not clear from the message which index file is being referred to. 1) Delete all of the index files in the project folder (.CDX files) and then start the program and see if that fixed it. 2) If not, delete all of the files in the Repeat_files folder (located in the user data folder) and see if that works. There are other index files but those are a good place to start. Let me know what happens. In the meantime, I'll track the source of the message. I'll try your suggestion; it may be some time before I can let you know if it worked as I am on a really flakey connection from the middle of the desert somewhere.
  21. Canceling a report from the Report Definition Screen calls a MS error message "This application is not responding. It may if you wait. Do you wish to end the process". End process naturally closes TMG. John PS Running under Vista
  22. F3 changed?

    Has the F3 function been changed in the Citation Detail field? I am sure that in V6 I could select a source and then F3/repeat the previous details. In V7 F3 in the Citation Detail field also changes the Source to the previous Source. The reason I like to repeat previous citation details with a different source is in Census where the year changes but the ward, county etc stay the same.
  23. F3 changed?

    Thank you Terry. Both the help file you mention and your helpful Data Entry Tutorial were written after TMG for Windows 95, or was it DOS, came out. This old dog is obviously stuck in his bad habits. Could your next book please be entitled "TMG For Oldies" Seriously though, I copy below the whole of the entry in the TMG 6 Repeat Field Value help screen; it is rather misleading in light of your comments. John Repeat Field Value With your cursor in any field except a memo field, you can select Edit > Repeat Field Value or press <F3> to repeat the previous entry that was made in that field. When you are entering a lot of data from a particular source this can save you a great deal of time. Lookup: Repeat Keys, Field Values, List Field Values, Edit Menu Wholly Genes, Inc.
  24. F3 changed?

    Then that might explain some of my mad Sources/CDs, which I had thought were signs of the onset of senility. I had assumed that the repeat function was field specific as I thought it said in the TMG 6 Help: With your cursor in any field except a memo field, you can select Edit > Repeat Field Value or press <F3> to repeat the previous entry that was made in that field. When you are entering a lot of data from a particular source this can save you a great deal of time. Lookup: Repeat Keys, Field Values, List Field Values, Edit Menu
  25. Several times I have now received an error message Record is out of range 54 FRMEVENTS.CNTWITNESS.MSAVE its usually in a census tag after I have entered witnesses. I select Ignore and the data seems to be written OK