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  1. Increase Display and Fonts

    If I increase the font size min = 14 and max = 16 it makes no difference to my pick list but changes the person entry to bold 16 !
  2. Increase Display and Fonts

    Using that option and setting the font to say 16pt increases the screen output but the pick list stays about the same and looks like about 10pt. I raised this yonks ago and was hoping that by now something had been done about it. Hence my question.
  3. Increase Display and Fonts

    I don't suppose that this yet means that the picklist font's can be increased to something my spectacles can decipher? John
  4. Amongst some 18,000 names I have some 8,000 people with the same surname in my TMG database. Is there anyway of "retaining" the surname and searching just on first names? At present when checking census lists or VRs against a picklist I have to type the same surname in each time and it is driving me mad (well at least a bit stranger than I used to be). Suggestions welcome.
  5. Repetative name search

    So simple, thank you. It appears not to be possible to have a second picklist open for those moments when it is quicker to search by a spouse than typing in say "Jones, Tom"
  6. Sounds

    How do I turn off sounds, especially in Prompts? I get fed up with the ping when I am listening to Mahler (through the same speakers). I could turn it off in Windows but then I wouldn't hear things in other progs. John
  7. Sounds

    But TMG must call it in the first place. Could I put a plea on the Wish List for Sounds on/off in preferences in v7. I am quite happy with the "Create Married Name - Dummy?" message being silent. John If I were computer literate there would be a link here to "Silent Night" Thanks, I'll play around with it. Getting rid of Windows Closedown will mean that the dog doesn't know when its time for his last walk. Joh
  8. PDF Writer

    There is a freeware prog. called Cute.pdf which allows you to designate the file name and directory, I have "saved" i.e. printed many a census record to it.
  9. Is this a new bug or have I just not noticed it before? I am sure this never used to happen. Where I have sort-dated tags before the birth tag then in the individual narrative and so far as I can see all other narrative reports the person's name is suppressed for some reason. Amongst other tags I have a custom one called "Who is" which I use to describe the person. Here is an example of an individual narrative where this happens. This problem is not limited to my custom tag. Individual Narrative of Sir Frederick William Aplin Gordon Haultain KB., LL.D., BA. Premier of the Northwest Territories. He was born on 25 Nov 1857 in Charlton, London. He married firstly Marion St. Clair Castellain nee Mackintosh in Mar 1906. [etc] this should read Individual Narrative of Sir Frederick William Aplin Gordon Haultain KB., LL.D., BA. Sir Frederick William Aplin Gordon Haultain KB., LL.D., BA. Premier of the Northwest Territories was born on 25 Nov 1857 in Charlton, London. He married firstly Marion St. Clair Castellain nee Mackintosh in Mar 1906. [etc] This might not matter too much in an individual narrative but in a journal report to be suddenly met with (1) Premier of the Northwest Territories was born on 25 Nov 1857 in Charlton, London. He married firstly Marion St. Clair Castellain nee Mackintosh in Mar 1906. [etc] looks rather odd. Is it me or is it TMG?
  10. I have now found the immediate cause of the difference. On the first run of the report after loading TMG the report is printed correctly, on the second run the report starts with the first tag. Close TMG and start again and the report is fine. Could some kind vermin exterminator please stamp on this bug?
  11. Birth Tag

    From the Report Definition screen select Options, go to the Places Tab and you will find a Preposition box, select In - At - Blank for your preposition. John
  12. Yes the bold is the header from the Individual narrative Before I first posted this I ran a number of reports of different types and they all had this problem with anyone with sort-dated tags before the birth tag. I then ran another descendancy narrative and this time is was correct. I just decided to check again, deleted the report from the screen re-ran it and it is back to being wrong again. Don't you just love these type of problems!
  13. When entering data in a tag I find the Tools>State/Province Abbreviations to be dulled out which isn't much help to a foreigner when he want to know if Clemons Grove, Ia is in Indiana or Iowa and does MA mean Maine or Massachusetts? Even when susequently used as a dictionary it doesn't allow copy/paste for those of us who never could spell Mississippi. I am sure that the list has some use but I have yet to discover it.
  14. It would of course be much more useful if it became some sort of look-up (and would I love look-up tables in the place fields) - you must remember that the Loyalists had descendants as well
  15. Not being American I have a tendancy to write District of Columbia as D.C. so in an Individual Narrative Report for someone who dies in D.C. the sentence can read "died in Washington, D.C, at the age of 56." how do I get round this? It could of course happen with Malta, G.C. and I suppose for someone who died in the W.C., though I haven't experimented with this.
  16. I was trying not to be too loo 'd.
  17. I use the usual exclusion markers for sensitive entries (and people) but now I have access to a yet-to-be published book to which I am contributing. I need to exclude all people that I enter up from the book, together with some events for existing people in my database, so that they do not appear on my website until after the book is published. All I can think of is flagging the new exclusions. Is there a way that I can set an exclusion flag before I start work each day? or is there a simpler way? John PS Where has the spell chukker gone to for these topics?
  18. Exclude people marker

    Seems so simple the way you explain it, thanks. Why should anyone want to make a website any other way rather than using Second Site? John
  19. Homepage breaks pretty badly in Firefox

    FF also has an autoupdate which stops these problems in the future
  20. Name Change tag. I edited the sentence in a single name change tag to include date, UK English is the default. Changed sentence appeared in its usual place but failed to produce the desired result on a SS upload. Returned to tag - sentence gone though it was preserved in the edit sentence. Copied sentence, pasted to US English and all is fine - except I selected UK English as default when the option was first given to us! I use UK English and US Places - if that makes any difference? Any suggestions? John
  21. Fear not, its a TMG problem (I only notice these things when I read them in SS). To clarify, I edited the default sentence, it then appeared in the "edited sentence" display below the text editor but when I returned to it later it had disappeared because US English then seemed to be the default though I hadn't altered the set-up. I have a feeling that this new P1 and P2 copying is messing things up. John
  22. On changing the sentence in a census tag v6.08 suddenly offered to make the same change for the other principal - I accepted but in the individual narrative the change was not reflected. I am using UK English. Anybody found this in other tags?
  23. Panic over - I remembered to delete the report configuration and it now shows in the individual narrative preview. Thank you to whoever wrote this because I keep forgetting to change singular to plural in these sentences. Now all I need is a little tool to go back and find all the ones I missed Thanks Terry. John
  24. Working with two projects open at the same time is it possible to customise say, the headline colour or otherwise distinguish between the two projects. It would be nice to have them in entirely different colours otherwise I find that I am sometimes editing my "from" project instead of the "to" project. I know I can lock one. John
  25. I went through preferences from top to toe last night and didn't spot that option, just what I need to distinguish a file I was given from my own data. Many thanks John