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  1. Ind Nar Preview report locks up TMG

    I too am getting this and have reported it to TMG, but they have gone silent on me.
  2. If I try to backup to an external HD and the drive is not ready I get an error message in TMG. Though I can click on back, forward and finish, nothing happens and I have to call the task manager to get out of TMG. I think TMG always objects to not having its backup to drive ready (whatever type it is). Yeah, I know, leave the power on to the hard drive and I won't have this problem
  3. PDA + TMG - better research

    Thank you for that summary - now could you give me a quick lesson on how to do it, for I must have spent 3 hours yesterday trying to work out why I had bought Pocket Genealogist instead of just using my laptop in libraries
  4. PDA + TMG - better research

    Don't we already have this with Pocket Genealogist and TMG. I must admit that I haven't yet added data to Pocket Genealogist and then synced back, I just use it to dumbfound my relatives.
  5. Exhibits Error

    Have you tried just ignoring the error message and then looking to see if the exhibit is there (that's what I do) and it seems to work. John
  6. In Journal Descendants report how do I get rid of that wretched sentence "There were no children of X and Y" or "there were no known children of X and Y" when truth is that I have not found any children, or I am too lazy to look or I just haven't got round to it. Any reader of the journal report is likely to assume that I KNOW there are no children. John
  7. I have an intermittent problem with pasting to Date and Place fields. Using XP2 and a MS wireless mouse & keyboard I cannot always get a copy paste from say, a website to a Date or Place field, though I can get the same Paste to "take" in the Memo field even when it has just failed in another field. I have tried Ctrl C Ctrl V etc. still with no luck, as I say, the problem is intermittent and only seems to occur within TMG.
  8. Paste/Copy bug?

    Don't think its that, because the dates & places I tend to copy are from the NEHGS site and are often from a column, or from the LDS site. I <think> this problem has only crept in in V6 because I have been doing the same thing since TMG went over to Windows without any snag. I hadn't raised the problem earlier because I thought it might be a wireless problem but I now know that is unlikely.
  9. Sentence Frustration

    Your occupation tag sentence should read <[D]> he was a <[M]> <[L]> are you putting his occupation in the memo field? (For a year I always put it in the detail field 'till I discovered the same error)
  10. Is this not due to the ability of XP to re-allocate drive letters when a drive is removed/changed. I too find that my second hard drive (Drive L usually) often changes if I have added or removed a flash drive. It would be nice to have a drive allocation box within the backup routine of TMG as well as in Options. John
  11. Multiple periods

    I started getting this, or at least two or three points, mostly in marriage tag sentences but occasionally elsewhere, several versions back of TMG. St. Barbara suggested I send her my database, but this was back in the days of a dial up connection so I didn't bother. I eagerly await the pearls of wisdom from the ancients here
  12. Can anyone share a good sentence for use with a Marriage Intention Tag? None that I have written seem to apply in every case and half the time I get The marriage intention of She and John Doe were published. Marriage intention seems to have little parallel with anything this side of the pond and even altering an engagement sentence doesn't always seem to work. John
  13. Wishlist: A Wishlist Forum

    I wish there were a way of getting ice-cream out of my keyboard
  14. Gang Updating Flags

    John Cardinal's donorware TMG Utility will do this for you
  15. About three times since 6.07 I have had the following error message from the Individual Narrative Preview button: RUN ! Command failed. 284 REPORTOBJ MRRWREPORT This then needs a three fingered salute to close TMG
  16. Keep your fingers crossed - it seems to have worked. Thanks
  17. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  18. If I forget to cancel all the way out of an existing memo and simply F9 then the last edited date gets updated. I can find no way to get back in and reset the date. Reason being that I use SS and its recent additions index and I am constantly seeing records that I just looked at rather than new or re-edited ones. John
  19. Last edited date

    Is there anything that the TMG Utility can't or won't do? (apart from nipping downstairs and making me a cup of coffee)
  20. At present, if I add a putative ancestor, I use an accent to change the colour so that I know from the TMG screen that as yet the evidence is not enough. My problem arises when sending a printed pedigree (or chart, or report) to a cousin - the accent doesn't show, the cousin doesn't read the notes and suddenly I am lumbered with a certain ancestor when I know that it was just a name from a parish register who was in the right place at roughly the right time and one parent's name kind of matches. I wish that I was able to change the font and have them joined in charts by dotted lines. I suppose I could use the word POSSIBLY or PROBABLY as a suffix to the name. How have other people solved this problem ? John
  21. Suspect ancestors

    I think this will be the answer because every time I look at a report or chart I will be reminded of what is outstanding. John
  22. MemberMap not working

    Hope we did - little old England was getting a bit crowded (time for more emigration?)
  23. I just use Died Tag and put a note in the memo field "unmarried"
  24. Failed Backup

    Have you set your backup location in File> Preferences> Advanced> Backups ?
  25. Godparents-godchildren links

    Thos problem has been around I think since TMG for DOS days and I was promised a cure back then