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  1. Thank you for this old posting; it has saved me from tearing my hair out, repeating the question "How do I remove a chunk on non-relatives from a Project" and even having to reach for the Reigel manual on my shelf.





    The first step is to create a second Data Set in Data Set Manager.
    Then, use the Move Person(s) command (Edit menu) to move everyone in the Focus Group to the new data set.

    Now, where do you really want them to end up? In a separate data set in your existing project, or in a completely separate project? If you aren't clear on the difference, my Projects and Data Sets article may help.

    If want to keep them in a separate data set in you exisiting project, you are done. If you want them in a separate Project, use File > Copy Project to make a copy of the project. Then, use Data Set Manager in each Project to remove 1) the added data set from your original project, and 2) the original data set from the copy project.

  2. There is a description of how the NarrativeChildren tag works, and some suggested custom Sentences, in my article Customizing the “Children of” Statement.

    Thank you, that's exactly what I needed. You further reminded me that somewhere I have a copy of your Primer and I eventually found it (sitting next to "Getting the Most ...") with a bookmarker of a bank note from a country that I haven't visited for umpteen years - it shows that I seldom RTFM, sorry.

  3. How do I get rid of the phrase "There was no issue of X and Y." gratuitously added in a custom journal report, or amend it to "There was no known issue etc" or even "I can't be bothered to check if they had any kids :naughty: "

    There seems to be nothing in Options.

    And whilst I am asking stupid questions, I vaguely remember being able to use Roman numeral superscript for sources because it distinguishes from generation numbers, but I can't find that option - or was it just a dream?

  4. Being one of the TMG "pioneers" (beta tester pre release 25+ yrs ago) - I have become lazy in my old age and have not upgraded quickly - am currently on TMG 8. Do you recommend upgrading to TMG 9 anyhow? I have no intention of jumping the TMG ship any time soon - will await other developers making a transition easier for those of us with huge datasets (some of my exceed 20,000 individuals).

    You really ought to upgrade otherwise how are you going to read my 20,000 plus individuals, many of whom you are responsible for giving me in the first place? Was it you who directed me to TMG or did I manage to find it on my own? :notworthy:

  5. I see this was raised in the V8 forum. Please may we have a way of increasing the font size within the tag entry because as I get older, grumpier and more irascible, which is not helped by failing eyesight and the Windows' grey, I find it hard to edit entries. Those font options that I am allowed to change are all in the region of 14pt but the tag fields seem to be limited to 8pt.

  6. I really have to ask how the blazes are we meant to know that a new programme decides to use old data files without moving them to wherever the new files should be. It was only yesterday that I found that TMG9 was using TMG8 exhibits. I wonder at what stage TMG9 decided to stop using TMG8 data files and what data I have consequently lost. It is only today that by removing TMG8 exhibits TMG9 asks for the first time if I want to use the default files.

    Why didn't it ask this when I first bought the upgrade?

    The manual says that file structures change sufficiently often that their publication is not practical and that these file structures are now posted on our website - I can't and haven't been able to find them for some time.


  7. Thanks Terry, I don't see why you have to provide the help for TMG !


    Your Project now in TMG 9 is using the old exhibit paths because of one or more of the following:

    • You never moved the exhibit files to a new location.
    • You never told TMG to find the existing files in their new location.
    • You never told TMG to put new exhibits in the new location.

    As far as I can remember TMG never asked me to do any of these things. The only question I ever get asked by TMG is the location of the Project (which it asks me every time I load it because it wants the serial number each and every time). I assume that after that it can work out for itself that exhibits are part of a Project. There is no health warning for Add/Remove TMG8 when uninstalling the old and redundant programme (which I find through your answer is not redundant).

  8. I was updating/moving TMG 9.1 onto my laptop from my descktop before a trip. The exhibits went missing on my desktop and I found them in C:\Users\John\Documents\The Master Genealogist v8\Exhibits whilst every other directory was pointing to TMG9 (This was after I had uninstalled V8)


    I have no recollection of overwriting the defaults, so what were they doing hiding there, and how do I get all my exhibits in TMG9 to stop looking for their files in V8? I have had to recreat the V8 exhibits path so that I can see my exhibits in context.


    It might be worth checking your current project options as I suppose I should have done.

  9. No, in this example it's a single marriage tag, but I also see it in a single birth tag for another person. In both cases the tag sentence structure displays correctly ending with the full stop and it does only occur in the Descendancy Narrative report for I have run samples to screen of the other textual reports with no problem.

    I can see no consistency as to when this dot appears apart from the report type.

  10. In a Descendancy Narrative report I find an extra unwanted full stop after Places when they are in the middle of a paragraph e.g.

    "on 12 Apr 1941 in St. Philip's Church, Sydney, New South Wales. . She died in Jan 1981 in"


    but in an Individual Narrative report the same text reads: "on 12 Apr 1941 in St. Philip's Church, Sydney, New South Wales. She died in Jan 1981 in "


    Looking for a spare full stop in options is like searching for a broken needle in a haystack, any printable suggestions would be appreciated.


  11. I have a vague memory that several versions of TMG ago there was a discussion about dotted/ dashed/ wiggly lines to indicate dodgy/ unproved/ dubious ancestors in trees and pedigrees. Did anything come of this?


    The reason that I ask is that I have just refound one of these people in my data but there is no way to spot this bad link, nor to indicate to any casual viewer of the website, nor to a reader of a printed chart that I have no primary proof of a certain generation.



  12. It had gone. There were a few directories and files in All UsersThe Master Genealogist V8 which looked like the remains of a Christmas dinner table -- the following morning. The Recyle file had TMG 7 in it, just to prove that it was V7 I removed ! I am guessing that one of the freeware utilities that I sometimes run to clean up my hard drive has somehow muddled the registry entries for 7 & 8. I subscribe to ESET anti-virus so the moths shouldn't have got in. I hope that I am the only user of this machine. After scraping out anything that looked like it belonged to TMG I downloaded the current UK version which insisted on repairing my installation and as this shows my registration number where the rest was hiding I just don't know :no:

    I recently downloaded Nuance PaperPort 14 to update the version I had, this can and in the past has caused funny things to happen. I mention it in case you come across a similar problem but I have no evidence that it can annihilate TMG.

  13. Today I can't find TMG8. In Start/All Programs TMG 8 is empty. I did remove TMG 7 the other day but TMG 8 was on one of the screens at the time and I have viewed it since.

    I've looked in both Programs and Programs x86 - nothing. So, just wanting to view the data I re-installed TMGUK v8.0 from a downloaded copy hopefully sending it to C:\users etc but it's not there (and yes, view hidden files is on) On Search for "TMG" I only get two installation files and some TMG Utility logs. Surely the name "TMG" also occurs in some of the installed files? Any suggestions as to where it may be hiding will be welcome, otherwise I must assume that there is a TMG eating malware in my computer as well as a brainless user.

  14. John -

    I interpreted 'Snap' as an affirmative reply.

    Also see the pinned v8 Tips message at the top of the v8 forum:




    The tip solved the problem, many thanks.

    "Snap" referred to that children's card game when you shouted Snap! when turning over an identical card, then the first to shout grabbed the opponent's card. After that the game usually deteriorated into fisticuffs and hair pulling.

  15. Thank you for your help. Somehow I found my copy of 8.00, installed that and then did an update to 8.02 from its Help.


    I must apologise for being rude and unpleasant on this forum. I have been laid up with pneumonia for 10 days. I should be attending the funeral tomorrow of my last cousin of the previous generation who died at 96 but I am not well enough to make it. When TMG went belly-up it was the last straw.



  16. John -


    You mentioned receiving a 'squeak' from tech support but have not replied to my last message (#33 above), confirming you have checked each location. Were you able to locate the Virtual Store - and do you have Windows Explorer configured to show hidden files and folders so you are not overlooking a v8 file?



    Sorry, I didn't realize that you had written to me. I haven't a clue what a virtual store is - do you mean the TMG download site? Windows Explorer is using whatever its default settings are, I wouldn't know how to change them.

    Is it safe to try and re-install 8.02 or is it still buggy?