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  1. filters--tag does not exist

    Thanks everyone for reminding me this option, which did exist in version 4 [i never owned TMG 2], has been replaced by "# of tags = 0", which does have the same effect. Jan, I'm not coming that far east anytime soon, so hi! to everyone there. I will be in Cincinnati in May.
  2. In report filters there used to be a "tag does not exist" option. It's not there in TMG8! What happened to this option & why was it removed? It was a useful option because one could run a report listing the people, for example who were missing a birth tag, and then correct that omission with an estimated DOB. This filter option was also useful for getting a more complete list on other filters. For example, if one wanted to learn which people in a project were living at the time of the 1940 census, a filter such as: "birth date comes before 1940 and death date comes after 1940" will yield ONLY those people in the project who already have both a birth tag and a death tag with a date therein. But changing that filter to: "birth date comes before 1940 and (death date comes after 1940 or death tag does not exist)" would also yield all the people in the project who were born before 1940, but are still living! There could be many of these additional people.
  3. Missing exhibits (Carolyn)

    Jim, Here's what finally worked on the file with the 13,000+ exhibits. I reduced the list of folders to search in validate file integrity to just 10. That finally ran all the way through without getting hung up and stopping responding; it took 11 minutes. It found 200 of the 12,000+ missing files. Before that I had tried to do all the folders for a single family (about 40) and it got hung up and stopped responding after finding 69 files. So to get all my external exhibits back again, I'll have to do this about 50 times at 10 folders per try. I will try increasing the number from 10 up to 20 and see if it will still run all the way through. And I hope that after there are fewer exhibits missing, it will go a little faster. Thanks for trying to help. Carol whitton, CG Vice-President for Programs, St. Louis Genealogical Society
  4. Creating a new Evidence Explained style source requires new source elements and new source groups. In order to avoid duplicating the source element groups used in the newly created sources, I've found it impossible to stick to the guideline that new source elements ought to be placed in "similar" groups and simply used whatever group is available and not yet used. Has anyone found a way around this? Is there any reason, like use in reports or indexing, that I shouldn't just use any available and unused source element group? Is this likely to be fixed in version 8 or are we still awaiting further upgrades? For example, a new church source requires three sets of locations: (1) the location of the event (the church), (2) the location of the creator of the microfilm used (FHL) [this location is not in the full footnote, but is in the bibliography], and (3) the location of the archive holding the original document, at which the microfilm was made. This meant creation of three sets of "detail, city, county, state, country" locations. [Wish: It still would be nice if rather than having to retype all these locations, we could grab some from the event itself.] For this church record source type, I created for the location of the event: Church in Author group Town in Location group State in Second location group for the archive holding the original document: Building in the Publisher group City in the Publisher location group State_2 in the Record number group for the creator of the microfilm: Repository used from Repository group Location_1 in the Repository info group In this case, extra dates are not required, but some other cases require up to three dates as well. Again odd groups need to be used to avoid duplicating groups in the new source.
  5. Reminders

    I'd like to be able to transfer my carefully designed source reminders to another project. Is there a way to do this?
  6. Endnotes stopped printing

    I fixed my problem. For anyone interested, the problem seems to be in the way text is viewed in Word; not a TMG problem. In Word, view the report as "print view," and see the endnotes at the bottom of the page automatically. But, viewing in "normal view" requires clicking on footnotes in the menu bar to see the endnotes at the bottom. Whether or not they're visible on the screen, however, the endnotes still are there and will print out at the end of the document. (Assuming your word is set for endnotes at the end of the document.) Evidently, closing the computer, reset Word back to normal view.
  7. For some unknown reason when sending an individual narrative report to Word, with endnotes selected, the endnotes no longer print in the Word document. Previously this worked fine. A message window comes up between the "do I want to overwrite the previous version" window and the "do I want to open Word now" window. But, this new message window comes up UNDERNEATH all the other open windows, so I only see its corner flash by. I can't seem to stop the process long enough to put the other screens to the back and bring it to the front to see what it says! Any suggestions?
  8. Custom Icons

    I had already figured out how to turn on the "Application Data" folders which were hidden in Windows. But, then when I copied the custom icons into the buttons folder under Application Data, they show up in the list of buttons in the buttons folder in Windows Explorer, but still don't show up in TMG as choices in the custom buttons list.
  9. Custom Icons

    I tried to create a new custom icon for my custom toolbar. I used an icon downloaded from the Internet. I stored it in a folder I called "myicons." But, I discovered in the custom toolbar creation the new TMGv7 automatically defaults to icons located in the following folder: C:\documents and settings\all users\application data\The Master Genealogist v7\buttons\ . When I tried to attach to another folder, it seemed to accept it; but I didn't get the icon. When I looked back, TMG still defaulted to only the above folder, even though I had changed it. When I tried to move my "myicons" folder, or the icons in it, into the above referenced folder, I found I can't get to that location in Windows Explorer. Under "docs and settings\all users," I can only get the sub folders: Desktop, Favorites, Shared Docs, and Start Menu, NOT Application data. I asked a frequent user of Customs in our RUG group. She looked and says her customs icons are all still stored in the TMGv6 folder: Program Files/The Master Genealogist/buttons. They evidently did not transfer over into TMGv7's folders; but can still be used from TMGv7. So, the question is: what is going on in TMGv7 with custom icon buttons?? Where should they be stored?
  10. Thanks Jim; good to know this is a known problem. But, it's not an out of date URL, it's the URL for the first sub screen and users need to get to the second subscreen. You just can't use it to get there directly, you have to use one of the URLs for the screen above it and click twice to get to the GNS.
  11. The web address used on the Master Place list to find the location of foreign sites--http://gnswww.nima.mil/geonames/GNS/index.jsp--does not seem to work. I always get the typical cannot find page error when I use it from within TMG v7. Is it broken? The other URLs for accessing the same site outside of TMG still work fine. http://earth-info.nga.mil/gns/html/index.html or The only difference is on these links is you have to click GNSsearch twice (not once) to get through the above page to the actual GNS search page.
  12. I need to change a citation entry. In CD I entered: FHL||no. 1201655||v. 5, Taufen, Tote, Heiraten, Konf. 1653-1690 Taufen 1685-1807 Tote 1685-1740 Konfirmationen 1685-1807 Heiraten 1683-1798||.... I should have entered: FHL||no. 1201655, item 5||v. 2, Taufen, Tote, Heiraten, Konf. 1653-1690 Taufen 1685-1807 Tote 1685-1740 Konfirmationen 1685-1807 Heiraten 1683-1798||..... Cardinal's Utility will change a citation entry. But I need retain the .... fourth part of each CD which will be different for each entry. Does anyone know if it is possible to change just the second and third part in a 4 part CD without changing the 4th part?
  13. Map My Family Tree

    Does anyone know when Map My Family Tree will be adjusted to work with TMG v7?
  14. The add person icon and add, add person from menu seem to hang up TMG7, resulting in almost all menu topics being grayed out. The only way to get out of this seems to be to end task TMG from the windows task manager and start again. This results in one of those please send this error to windows messages. So something is not right with windows and add person in TMG7.
  15. In preparing a lecture for RUG, I tried changing the Windows Properties Display Appearance settings to one of higher contrast and larger font for greater onscreen visibility. The TMG windows also change, making it easier to read the title bars. But, the Tag Entry boxes in TMG also change background and font colors. The result is some of the labels on tabs, place entry, and names of the persons become unreadable because they change to too light a color for the new background colors. I tried using Advanced in the Windows Display Appearance, but couldn't locate the correct Windows item to change to get more readable font colors in TMG tag boxes with any high contrast setting or with many of the other non-standard appearance options in Windows. I returned to Windows classic standard settings, which TMG handles ok. I suggest TMG enable some alternate font/background settings to go with the various Windows Display Appearance setting choices. Particularly those Windows display options which take high contrast or larger fonts, as many TMG users might like to use the larger fonts. Or, give us some direction on what to change in Windows Display Appearance Advanced settings to get the tag entry screen labels readable with at least some of the optional Windows backgrounds.