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  1. Problem with backup file

    To Jim Terry and Virginia I'm going to call it quits on this and use my backup from Aug 2012. It's taking too much of all of your time and mine. I started with UFT and lost work there, and survived the experience. I'll just have to make absolutely certain that I pay attention to what the backup process is doing in future. Thank you so much for all trying to hard for me. It has been appreciated. regards Judith
  2. Problem with backup file

    Virginia Yes, but that's odd. There are two there with exactly the same time and date for the last backup on the 25 Apr 2013. One of them is checked. There's one for my Aug 2012 backup, and then lots more going back over many years. The annoying part of this is that had I waited just a couple more days to update I would have gone straight to 8.08. Jim mentioned that the .sqz is a ZIP file. How could I open that and view it for myself please? I'm guessing that the small project was backed up with the exhibits from the main project. That's the only way that I can see for the file to be so big. Thank you Virginia. Your help is appreciated Judith
  3. Problem with backup file

    Jim Keep in mind that I had just updated to 8.06 and all was not well. The project that was open in 8.06 was the main project. The backup has that project name. The backup is in the default folder. Using Windows 7 I originally installed TMG 8 using the default settings. I changed nothing. I did not use a custom confiuration for my backups. Everything was fine with my backups until I installed the updates. My last backup in Aug 2012 (which would have been in 8.02 probably) opens correctly in 8.08. If necessary I will revert to that but it means losing eight months work. Had I backed up the smaller project by accident, inattention to file names, whatever, it should be a considerably smaller backup file. I wonder if two projects are in the same backup file. Thank you for your time. it is appreciated Judith
  4. Problem with backup file

    Terry Out of curiosity I downloaded the 30 day trial of UK Gold 8.08 to my laptop. I've never had TMG 8 on there. I then used my last backup to restore the project on there. It still came up as the wrong project. Even into that clean install. I don't understand how I could have the main project open in 8.06, use a backup configuration that I've used many times before, and end up with the wrong project backed up. I also don't understand how the backup file is the right size for the main project and totally wrong for the project it claims to contain. Thank you for your time best wishes Judith Upton
  5. Problem with backup file

    It didn't open correctly. I still had the problem with the roles in the tags appearing as numbers. regards Judith
  6. Hi A long time user of TMG I haven't used it much in the last 8 months, but extensively in the last few weeks. I discovered there were several updates to my version 8.02 that I had missed so I updated through 8.04 to 8.06. Then had a problem with roles in tags replaced by a number. Advised by Tech Supprot to uninstll and clean re-install I backed up only my main project of some 36000 people. I had only two active projects. The main one, and a much smaller 50 person project. The file size was 250mb, much the same as it has been over the last three years. When I use 8.08 to re-open the newest backup it contains the small project - not the main project - althugh the file size is consistent with the main project and it carries the main project name. If I revert to my last correctly working backup made in Aug 2012 I am going to lose 8 months work. Any thoughts would be appreciated. regards Judith Upton