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  1. TMG V9 crashing on Win8, repetitive unlocks required

    Thank you, Jim! I have followed your suggestion for Issue 2. Hopefully I can figure out Issue 1 because I love this program and don't want to revert back to Legacy or FTM.
  2. I am new to TMG and purchased V9 after being impressed with the trial version. I installed V9 on a one-year old Lenovo running Win8 that is in as good working order as a Windows product can be. [Not so subtle request to create a Mac Version of TMG.] [issue 1] Unfortunately, TMG frequently freezes and often crashes forcing me to create backups every few moments. I had been creating backups only once per day, but the project cannot be reopened after a crash [error messages reference missing tables]. This is very annoying. [issue 2] Additionally, I am required to unlock the program EVERY TIME MS forces me to do a Windows update, which is insanely often. I have read most of the user's manual and searched for help on this topic. I did check to see if the size of my project was a factor, but the manual gives the impression size is not a factor [ <27,000 individuals in one project spread over ~70 data sets]. Legacy and FTM do not react adversely with the same data. I love the design of the program enough that I'm searching for a solution. If this is not resolved soon, however, I will have to find an alternative as I cannot reallocate my limited research time to re-entering my data every time TMG has a brain fart.