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  1. With the increasing popularity of atDNA research, the need for Extended Family Charts (aka All-In-One Charts) is becoming a necessity for successful atDNA researchers. Such charts would be used online to expedite atDNA common ancestor searches. Ancestry.com has had an online version for some time and FTM has a PDF version. I understand that such chart would be massive in many cases and that multiple linked pages would probably be necessary. I have no desire to print such a chart. I also understand that historical lineage charts have been based on the one ancestor or one descendant concept. I also understand that most existing chart software has been developed around this one person concept and that an Extended Family chart is a radical departure from this concept. There seems to be no doubt that the design and development of such a chart would be a very significant challenge; however, the need for such a TMG chart is only going to grow. Since I use the Second Site product to generate my online lineage databases, I am sending a similar message to John Cardinal.