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  1. Custom toolbar missing on ugrade to v9

    Ah, OK. I didn't have 'view hidden items' selected, so couldn't see the folder. Thanks for the help. Michael
  2. Could someone please walk me through copying over my custom toolbar setup from v8 to v9? I'm moving over to Windows 8 at the same time, which may be causing problems. I have my custom.tbr file from C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\The Master Genealogist v8 in my previous Vista setup. Do I need to copy that somewhere within the new Windows 8 file structure so that TMG 9 can pick it up? Michael
  3. Variable 'PROPERTY' is not found with v8

    Many thanks - that was most helpful. My project file has been stored on the Mac side, mainly for easy backup via Time Machine. But as you suggest I'll move it into the Windows system and use Time Machine on the .sqz files instead. Regards Michael
  4. Have recently upgraded UK Gold v7 to UK version 8, and I now get this error on starting up: Variable 'PROPERTY' is not found 129 CREATEFLAGSTRING I'm running on Windows 7 via Parallels on Mac OS X Lion. Version 7 worked fine. Anyone able to help, please? Michael