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  1. I'm exploring Rootsmagic as an alternative to TMG but find that some census tags end up as census family tags in Rootsmagic. Is there any way to tweak my TMG data to stop this?
  2. UK placenames

    Thank you both for your suggestions. I have selected UK style in the dataset manager and have also checked that the uk style in the master style list is OK. When I add new person and anything else associated, on the tag entry screen the place style button indicates UK Standard Place and when I hover my mouse over the button it tells me the output is: Addressee, Detail, Village/area,Town/City,County/Region, Country etc however, the corresponding buttons indicate the following: Addressee, City, County, State. Country etc. If I click on the place style button the place style selection screen opens indicating that UK style is selected, I close it and the buttons on the tag entry screen change to what they should be. Although I can cope with this it is very confusing and has not happened to me before - I have one project that has 5 datasets within it and each time I created a new dataset (in TMG versions prior to 9) I didnt have this problem so I am very confused! I seem to have solved the issue albeit in a round about way! If i look at the master tag type list and edit a particular tag, the tag type definition general screen indicates that nothing is selected for the default style, if i change this to 'use dataset default style' it solves the issue so all I have to do is change every tag type I use - a good few hours work!!
  3. UK placenames

    Created new dataset with UK placenames and UK names as default dataset styles but when adding any tag that includes placename details, tag entry screen shows US placenames even though place style button says UK standard placestyle - driving me mad!! Why does UK version have US styles as default?