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  1. Change parents for a group of children

    Not exactly sure what I finally did, but I have linked my persons correctly. Now... The parent in question should be my 3x great grandfather. TMG says that he is my first cousin 5x removed. What is the fix?
  2. Change parents for a group of children

    I have to be doing something wrong. I am on the father's page who is connected to the children's mother. I ADD a daughter, it asks me to choose the mother. It takes me to the ADD a PERSON screen. I enter the number of the child I want to add and get error "The specified number is already in use. Use F2 to find unused numbers." (The end result is the same whether or not I choose a mother. Not sure whether I should choose one or not.)
  3. Change parents for a group of children

    I have already disconnected the parent that I am trying to replace. The new parents are connected and the new mother is connected to the children. The problem is connecting the father...now what do I do?
  4. I have a family of children assigned to the wrong parents. I have changed the parents and have one parent connected to the children. Unable to connect the other parent. Help, please. TMG 7.0 and Windows 7