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  1. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    I feel your pain, as I am having the same problem (see my post on "missing .dbf files.) I would restore a backup, but as soon as I ran optimize, the error sequence would start again,,saying the file was in use elsewhere. Tried re installing TMG 9, but didn't help. Then Installed TMG 9 on my old computer, restored from the same backup, ran all the maintenance functions, and all ran fine. Back to new computer with the .sqz file I had made on the old one. Renamed my project, creating a new folder for it, thinking maybe changing the path might help. Two days and haven't had any serious setbacks. The program did have a freezeup yesterday when I simply clicked to add a citation, and I had to force shutdown. However, my project came back up o.k. when I re-opened TMG. Tried to update to 9.03 last night and got all kinds of errors as are being described by some users. Couldn't even open the sample project. Bailed out fast by doing a system restore back to 9.01. I've been using TMG for 15+ years since Version 1.2, and NEVER had problems like this. Wish I had stayed with Version 7, but to go back to that I would loose two months of intensive work. I agree, I've spent more time fiddling with the software than doing genealogy. If at least 3 of us are having the problem, perhaps someone will get interested. I'm running Windows 7 on both computers, but the old one has Norton for virus, and I have McAfee on the new one. Keep in touch if you find a solution. My situation seems to have improved, but I'm not yet confident, and I'm backing up about every 30 minutes! Mary Lou Bailey
  2. Missing .dbf files

    No other problems with other programs....this is a new computer, about 2 months old. I think some of the file structure got scrambled during a restore from Carbonite My computer tech son spent a couple of hours going over it and made some changes today. I finally got a backup to restore last night about 2 a.m. by opening it on my old computer, running maintenance, then renaming the project folder on the new computer, and doing a restore under the new project name. Don't know why this worked, but it seems to be running o.k. today. Will be cautiously pausing to make backups every few hours for a while.
  3. Missing .dbf files

    When I attempt to run optimize I get a a series of error messages that n.dbf does not exist, or sometimes that nd.dbf does not exist. Reindex data sets When I try to reindex, it says the project is open elsewhere. Then a message Alias BASE is not found. The project will then not open at all and I have to restore from a backup. This has happened intermittently since I installed TMG 9.01 last month, and it is getting old! Why is this happening?? Should I re-install the program? Thanks for any suggestions. Mary Lou Bailey
  4. Thanks, Jim, for your reply. I had already decided that my only resort was going to be to restore from a backup. I'm still puzzled as to what caused the whole sequence of events. In 13 years of using TMG I've not had a problem like this. However, about mid-afternoon I decided to just bite the bullet and move on to TMG 9 and SS 5, which I had already purchased, along with the new computer. So far, so good. They're both up and running, with a few tweaks here and there. I guess, at age 77, one tends to like staying with the familiar, and I've also not been doing much genealogy the last 2 years since being widowed and not having a lot of interest in anything. However, I'm getting back to my passion of family history, and, having set up this new computer by myself, I guess I still have a few active brain cells! Thanks again. Remember you as one of my favorites on the board from years back. Mary Lou Bailey
  5. I posted this on TMG-L, but haven't yet had a reply, so maybe it belongs here, too. Got a new computer last week. Installed V7 from my original disk and updated it to 7.04 via Wholly Genes website. Working fine except for some occasional error messages when making reports, which I didn’t document. HOWEVER, today I got a message that my project was in use elsewhere and to open another project. So I tried the Sample project and got an access denied message, c:\\users\mlpb\appdata\temp56997029\swingstag.dbf 4996 CREATETAGSTRING. Click retry. That worked so I could open the sample, but not my Bailey project. Rebooted the computer, TMG opened in repair mode. Tried to open my Bailey project and got the message again that 1) project was in use 2) Error found when opening data files Bailey_F.dbf not found. A search of the computer shows that indeed Bailey_F.dbf is not in my Bailey project, but only in the Repeat files folder. Before all this happened I was attempting to use a copy of SS version 2, so had set my data set in SS. It was when I attempted to re-open TMG that all this happened. Long, long time TMG user, but not a techie, so need some help. Can’t find anything in the TMG-L archives. Mary Lou Bailey