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  1. TMG V 9.3 Is Not Working

    John, I feel your pain. I had experienced virtually the same problems and error messages for months. As explained in an earlier post I made, I modified my anti-virus and anti-malware to skip any TMG directories and have used optmz- vf integrity - optmz for 13 sessions with no errors or problems at all !
  2. TMG Used to Be Fun

    John, I had posted to your earlier thread a while back. I had the same problem for months and as you say it took all the fun out of using TMG. I had restricted my anti-virus and anti-malware away from the folders where TMG files reside. Since doing that, I've had several hours-long input sessions on TMG 9 followed by Optimize-VFI-Optimize sessions with no crashes ! I hope I'm out of the woods but I still cringe each time I run Optimize for fear it will crash. I've run thus far 8 consecutive sessions with no crashes yet - knock on wood .
  3. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    I wasn't going to post just yet until I saw John's post but knowing how frustrating this issue is, I post a possible solution . I may have found the problem but I'm not confident of it yet. Following up on Virginia's comment concerning "other programs running", and after reading a seemingly-relevant article [see below], I took a look at my anti-virus and anti-malware [i mentioned this early-on but Tech Support didn't think it would be the problem - but it's my best theory at the moment ]. After adding exclusions to virus software for the tmg 9 folder and these extensions: dbf, cdx, fpt, dbc, dbx, and dbt, I have moved several "steps" beyond where the software crashed before using optimization. It's going to take a lot more to build back my confidence in the software. I wouldn't have spent so much time with this had I not been impressed with TMG's capabilities. I may need to also include some other folders and will check at the control panel for other anti-virus software that I may have forgotten about. There's an older document that gives info on TMG file structures and states that TMG info is stored in a series of Foxpro-compatible database files: http://stg4.docstoc.com/docs/104740780/Appendix-C-File-Structures . An article alluding to Visual Fox Pro speaks of issues with an over-zealous anti-virus causing problems [as well as other possible sources of problems: http://www.hexcentral.com/articles/troubleshoot.htm. I hope this post will be helpful. Happy 4th to Everyone
  4. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    Yes my project is here: c:\documents & settings\my name\my documents\the master genealogist v9\projects. I don't know of other programs running when I optimize unless my anti-virus or anti-malware is interfering. Thanks
  5. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    I only use one dataset. Under projects I have only my file and the sample project but do not open them both at the same time. I haven't seen the error with the sample project but have not rigorously tried [i guess that's something I could try also]. I encountered the same error when I started a new project from 0 [typed in only - no import]. This had only a few names, few places, few sources, and a source exhibit. On optimize: 482 s does not exist. I've seen posts going back a few years that had similar problems. What will happen if going forward I skip optimize? Thanks Virginia
  6. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    Still waiting for an answer I can definitely relate to what you are saying. It's been like 3 steps forward and two steps back - sometimes 4 steps back ! I don't think in the beginning [import from Family Tree maker] that I ran optimize for some time and "things" then seemed to be running ok. I am trying to utilize many of TMG's features - lots of exhibits, sources, citations, witnesses, censuses, etc. and there's place rearrangements to be made, flags. events to add and put into order. Since my last post, I have tried [tested] several different files [with TMG 9] and all give the usual type errors: Reindex data set 5 [sic], project in use elsewhere, myfile_m.dbf does not exist [and also s, g, i, p, pd, ppv]. I've removed TMG through control panel, searched and removed all TMG files [empty recycle bin] and then reinstalled the TMG9. In addition to my current file I went back and reimported from FTM as simple, advanced, and just GEDCOM - all 3 crashed. I also did a FTM import from another person's file and it crashed. This file has 1/10 the number of names as mine, 1 exhibit, and the file size is about 1/70 of mine. Then finally I started a brand new file on TMG 9 made only a few entries, and yes you guessed it, it crashed on optimization. The file always looks and acts ok until I run optimization. On one occasion, I ran [as recommended] optimization - ok, VFI - ok, and optimization - crashed. I've run on two computers with both XP and Windows 7 - both crash. I have tried to "reinsert" missing files back into the defective file and then go on but that may be a shaky thing to do. I wonder if I made a copy of the project files just before running optimize [keeping file open] if that would work or just skip optimize. Whatever the approach as stated above, one needs to make lots of backups and I guess hope for the best. I have been in touch with tech support several times and the advice seemd good initially but the last time I was advised to turn off my computer, wait 5 minutes and turn it back on. How much genealogy input could I have completed if not for dealing with all the errors.
  7. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    No drop box or cloud services. Before the latest, I removed tmg9 via the control panel, searched and removed any copies of tmg files. I then reloaded TMG9 and restored a backup file [.sqz]. Then without making changes I ran optimize, VFI, and optimize again with no problems but after making a few changes with the Place list, the program crashed [as it has been doing]. Thanks
  8. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    My 5 month-long problem continues ! The program crashes [but not every time] while running optimize. I get a message that it can't find myfile_s.dbf or g, i, m, or p or others. The sample file [64 names] always works ok. I found a key to some of the .dbf files. "p". dbf is the place file so I did some evaluations with the Master Place list I aligned a few entries, ran optimize, crashed again: ppv.dbf does not exist, 482 reindex data sets [5]. Then I cleared project and restored the same backup, changed one entry from postal to county and then optimized, vfi, optimize: all ok. Then I replaced a number of county entries [split off the state], ran optimize: ppv. dbf does not exist, reindex, etc." p.dbf does not exist. Other messages generated: Reindexdataset5, project open elsewhere, alias is not found 39, pn relation, 25 buildplace, Recno is not found, table has no index order. I use only one data set. Any help out there????
  9. error message 482 REINDEX DATASETS

    I JUST WANT TO WORK ON GENEALOGY NOT ON MY SOFTWARE Yours is the same problem that I'm having at least since February. I hope you or someone will have suggestions for me. It must not be too common as I have only seen a few older posts on it in addition to yours. I also get the 482 reindex, with alternating .dbf files missing on different occasions. I use the default directory but also get your message project in use elsewhere. I run at the close of a work session optimize, verify file but when it crashes I can't go on and backup [and maybe then I wouldn't want to] so I've had to restore backups a number of times, reenter data a number of times and I'm still behind where I was on data entry. I had no idea I would be spending so much time just spinning my wheels and trying to figure out what's going wrong rather than entering genealogy and sources. I like the flexibility and features of TMG but I just want to use it and not work on trying to fix it. In Jan 2013, I transferred to TMG from FTM. I'm using the Gold version 9. I have 19000 plus names and utilize many of the features - sources, citations, memos, exhibits, etc. I was operating with XP, added more RAM but problem continued. Then I went to my lap top with Windows 7 and then over several brief sessions, all worked great until I worked most of a day with a lot of different input and it crashed again ! I did find a document that tells me what the file letters stand for - maybe that will help me narrow it down. I have been in touch with Technical support several times even sending them my file but they report no crashes. I don't know if my particular combination brings out a bug in the software or there's something peculiar about my computer setup (s). I have seen it given to run in this order: optimize, VFI, and then optimize again. I have not done a reindex, but read that optimize does a reindex - is that correct? I hope you or someone can advise me - Thanks.