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  1. Problem with 9.04 on a Mac under Parallels

    Thank you, Glenn. That was very clear and helpful.
  2. Problem with 9.04 on a Mac under Parallels

    This sounds a lot like what happened to me. However, anything I do on the Win7 side of my Mac is as an Administrator. I'm the only person who uses this computer, so I have just the one account. It's a desktop, not a laptop, so I have no concerns about unauthorized access (unless one of my dogs develops some hitherto unknown keyboarding skills). I'm using P9 and I suppose I'll upgrade to P10 at some point. Are you saying that, with P10, the TMG project files can live in the Mac file structure as long as they are referenced with Z: and not \\psf\ ?
  3. Language issue

    "Long ago" makes sense. I'm seeing this with people who have been in my database since v4. Thanks, Terry.
  4. Language issue

    I found this via TMG Utility, but I don't think it's caused by TMG Utility, so I'm posting it here. If, in TMG-U, I search for "[L=" (without the quotes) I get a logfile that notes 44,392 records and 304 records with the target. Of the 304, most entries look something like this: #8, '[L=ENGLISH]<In [D]> <[M]>' Event: Misc 17 Jul 1850, Subject(P1) Name=William Nathan Harris (#8), Subject Role=00001 But a few look like this: #9, '[L=AFRIKAANS]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=DANISH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=DUTCH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=ENGLISH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=ENGLISH2]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=FRENCH]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=GERMAN]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=ITALIAN]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=NORWEGIAN]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>[L=Norwegia2]She was buried <[D]> <[L].><[M]>' Event: Burial, Subject(P1) Name=Jane Cynthia Smith (#9), Subject Role=00001 To the best of my recollection, I have never used any language other than English in TMG. I've never even set up the specialized languages I've seen people talk about on the TMG email list. I looked at the sentence above in the Tag Type List and in the record for that individual, and there doesn't seem to be anything unusual about it. I use that burial tag a lot, and this is the only instance of that tag with this issue in the log file. There are other tags, however, with multiple languages displayed. Do I need to/Can I do something about this? If the [L=English] is necessary, why are there only 304 instances of it in the log file?
  5. Problem with 9.04 on a Mac under Parallels

    Thanks for your help. Would it be possible to add this step to the instructions for running TMG under Parallels? It's mentioned, but only in connection with moving back and forth between two computers.
  6. Problem with 9.04 on a Mac under Parallels

    That's interesting. No, it's not. It's \\psf\Home\Documents\The Master Genealogist v9\Projects\ . So I can fix that. But how did it get that way? Like I said, this has been running beautifully until I went to 9.04. Another thing that was a little odd. When I last reinstalled, after uninstalling, the data_paths.txt was already there. I don't think uninstalling removed it. But maybe it's not supposed to. The only other non-routine thing I did was to open the project in TMG Utility. I didn't do anything, not even a logfile run. I just opened it, looked at the various options, and closed it.
  7. I've been running v9 on a Mac using Parallels without difficulty until I installed v9.04. I use the data_paths.txt file as described elsewhere on this forum, and all the entries in Preferences/Current Project Options/Advanced point to the Win7 file structure, except for backups, which are on the Mac side to facilitate use of Time Machine and my cloud backup service. Until yesterday, this was working fine. I even had my exhibits on the Mac side, and that was working well, too. After I installed v9.04, TMG was very slow, especially on things like optimize or reindex or making a backup. I reinstalled the program from the install file (not update from within the program), and verified that data_paths.txt was correct and in place. No joy. Then I noticed that upon opening the program, TMG was actually opening project files from the Mac side. (They exist because they were copied over to my new Mac from my old PC. I haven't deleted them yet because I'm paranoid and because I'd rather keep my exhibits on the Mac side anyway.) So I closed TMG, changed the folder name on the Mac side, reopened TMG and voila, TMG couldn't find the last used project. That option was greyed out on the Welcome screen. Also, if I select a project from disk, the file hunt starts at Network/psf/Home/Documents . . . . Long story short, I think v9.04 is ignoring the data_paths.txt file.
  8. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    I've been using TMG since version 4, I think. I still remember Bob Velke offering to personally deliver the software to my house when there was some kind of shipping problem. I'm now running v9 on a Mac using Parallels and Win7. I had started looking at Mac genealogy programs to see what was available, but nothing really appealed to me. I've been spoiled by TMG. Which, after a moment's panic, I know I can keep using for a very long time. Thank you, Bob, and best wishes for a happy and healthy retirement!
  9. 9.03 error?

    I'm running v9 on a Mac using Parallels and Windows 7. No problems until I downloaded and installed the update for v9.03. When I tried to restart TMG, I received the following error message: The program can't start because MSVCR71.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem. Has anyone else seen this? I'm going to reinstall (not much choice, but such a pain) but not update again unless I hear differently. Cheryl