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  1. TMG 9.05 and Window 10

    I think I may have now solved the problem by following Jim Byram's advice and closing the program immediately after unlocking.
  2. TMG 9.05 and Window 10

    Well, unfortunately that didn't fix the problem. Any other ideas?
  3. TMG 9.05 and Window 10

    Thank you Sue. Obviously I didn't look hard enough for the answer before asking my question, but I did look. Thanks again for your reply.
  4. Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I have found that when I open TMG (not all the time but most times) it asks me to unlock the trial version. I have a fully paid for version and have the unlock code. If I select close the program opens with the message "expired trial version". Is anyone else experiencing this. I have gone back and downloaded the program again but the same thing is occuring.
  5. US vs UK Version

    I previously had the SQZ file in my downloads file but moved it to project backups and tried again with success. Thanks. Now for the rest.
  6. US vs UK Version

    Jim, I endeavoured to restore the UK_customizations project but v9.03 would not allow it because it was created in an older version (v9.02).
  7. US vs UK Version

    Jim, can I proceed using your v9.02 UK_customizations project when I have v9.3 UK.
  8. US vs UK Version

    Jim, Before I explain my ignorance I will have a good study of the tutorials and that will no doubt help me. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction.
  9. US vs UK Version

    Jim, your instructions above interest me greatly. My project was created using the US version many years ago but because of the number of people in my project from the UK I decided when buying an upgrade a couple of years ago to buy the UK version. I expected that when I restored my project into the new program it would have the UK customizations but it was no different from the US version. I couldn't understand that but after creating a new project found that in that the UK customizations existed. Are you able to expand on your instructions above in the 4th paragraph because I think that is what I need to do to convert my data set so that it then includes the UK customizations? Am I able to end up with a project with the same name as my present project?