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  1. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    I’m sorry to see that the discontinuation of TMG has been posted. I also wish Bob, his family, and the TMG staff well as they go through this major life change. I have used TMG and the companion Second Site for many years and I think that this combination is far superior to any other products that are out there. I had to go through a similar transition with my data when Ultimate Family Tree (UFT) was discontinued. Since UFT still worked over several OS and computer upgrades, I worked for over two years adding to and editing my UFT database to put it in the best shape for transferring over to TMG. I have tried in the past, and just recently, to transfer my TMG data into Family Tree Maker (FTM) and the TMG import into FTM 2014 does not work correctly. I have seen repeatable errors in parent and child links. I have tried the GEDCOM 5.5 export out of TMG and then read that file into FTM. This process seems to work with some errors that are identified in the log file. For my large database (121K people) these steps can take about four hours to run on my computer. I plan to keep editing my TMG database until I can get the errors out. However, I expect that I have a year or more to do this transfer. Thanks again.