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  1. I'm a Newbie to TMG; but, I did check the FAQ and did do a search of the forum for 'witness' & 'associated' and found no resolution to my problem of a principal witnessing himself or being associated with himself. I imported my 1,700+ individuals directly from Family Tree Maker into TMG 9 (not via GEDCOM because of hundreds of image files). I have not made any data changes within TMG (yet) until I have explored it and am comfortable with it. The first discomfort came when I ran a narrative descendancy report on an ancestor. Strange and unacceptable sentence structures appeared from my imported FTM data, e.g.: "John Doe ... He witnessed the beginning of military service of John Doe in [place]." [ He was in the military.] "James Doe ... He was a witness when James Doe was moved to [place] in [date]." [ He moved to etc.] "Fred Roe ... He was associated with Fred Roe Commissioned officer, United States Navy on [date] in [place] ... He was associated with Fred Roe Retired USN on [date] [place] ... He was a witness when Fred Roe was Built retirement home (where/when)." [ He was a Commissioned officer etc.] [ He retired USN etc.] [ He built retirement home etc.] "Jane Roe was associated with Jane Roe a teacher for 25 years in [place]. She was Jane Roe's housemate in [place] ... She was a witness to the fact that Jane Roe was living in [date] in [place]." [ She was a teacher for 25 years etc.] [ She resided in [place]. ] [ She was living in [year] at [place]. ] "Mary Roe witnessed the SSN of Mary Roe. She witnessed the Namesake of Mary Roe." [ Her SSN was nnn-nn-nnnn.] [ Her grandmother, Mary Young, was her namesake.] Is there a global correction that I can make to sentence structures to correct this? I'm 78 and I'm afraid I'll have to dump TMG if I have to waste my remaining time correcting each and every existing record rather than using my time profitably on genealogical research. Hopefully an ultimately satisfied TMG user ... Ted Weeks