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  1. PDF File type: "Error Code 20"

    An update on the PDF problem. There is no problem creating *.pdf files on my laptop, but still can't on the desktop via Wholly Genes PDF Writer cv4. Both PCs are running OS Windows 8.1 and the same TMG v9.03. I spent sometime comparing the printers on both. Both have the Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 and Quicken PDF Writer set to NUL. The big difference is that the desktop also has the Corel PDF Creator. The Corel PDF printer is set to port "CorelCreatorPort" - not to port NUL like Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 and Quicken PDF Printer. The laptop does not have the Corel program loaded. Wonder if Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 has compatibility problems with the Corel PDF printer??? Nowwwwww, I have found I can create *.PDF files on the desktop by the Corel PDF Creator!!!! I do it by: On the "Report Definition Screen" selecting the following: "X Printer" "Properties" "Selected" - drop-down menu "Corel PDF Creator" "OK" button "Create Report" button The report is immediately created after selecting where to save the file. With no problem using Corel PDF, I'm suggesting the problem may be a conflict between Wholly Genes and Corel. BTW, can not create a TMG PDF file with Quicken PDF. There is no problem creating Quicken PDF files within the Quicken program. Last night emailed a trouble report about this Wholly Genes PDF problem to Wholly Genes. --- Susan
  2. PDF File type: "Error Code 20"

    No, luck. > - Install the PDF printer: In TMG, File / Printer setup / Install PDF printer (button at top of page).< When I click that install PDF printer button it says "The PDF printer is already installed." I don't know if this means anything, but the Wholly Genes PDF Writer is not on the "Selected" drop-down list of printers in TMG. >... Select the Ports tab and set it to Nul if it is not already. Click OK.< The Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4 and Quicken PDF Printer are both listed/set on "Nul." Still getting the Error Code -20 when trying to save a PDF on all the reports. >Re TMG Silver/Gold versions. Contact Support (support@whollygenes.com) and explain your situation. It should not be a problem for you to upgrade to Gold v9.03.< I will contact them. Thank you, Virginia, for the speedy reply. --- Susan
  3. I have now started experimenting with v9.03 reports - running OS Windows 8.1. On the Report Definition Screen when Adobe Reader (PDF) is selected on "SaveTo: File Type:", the following error messages appear: "Activation Error" window with the following text: "Printer not activated, error code -20" when the "OK" button is clicked: "TerPrint2, Error Code: 15" window with the following text: "Unable to Start the Print Job: when that "OK" button is clicked: "Error exporting to C:\users\........\The Master Genealogist v9\Report_output\.....pdf" I did a search on the TMG_L archives with no help. Did find a couple of similar queries, but no replies to them: http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/tmg/2011-02/1297835336 http://archiver.rootsweb.ancestry.com/th/read/tmg/2009-08/1249175027 There may be answers in the archives that I didn't search long or hard enough to find. While experimenting with reports, I just now realized the Silver edition only has *.rtf, *.pdf and *.htm file types! Our daughter gave Silver v8 to me as a Xmas present and soon after received a message that I qualified for free download of v9. I had always had a gold version of TMG and didn't realize the differences. Gee, it also looks like I won't be able to save report files with bibliographies, Table of Contents, etc... Also the type of reports is limited. Does anyone think it is possible for me to pay just the difference between Silver v9 and Gold v9 and get the Gold v9 download? --- Susan
  4. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Thank you, thank you, Jim! It worked like a charm. No trial version to unlock windows popped up this morning. I am running Windows 8.1. I had been using a much earlier version of TMG on an older computer that was running XP. After getting a new CPU early last year, found the older version wouldn't work. I didn't get around to upgrading TMG until this year and now up to v9. Thanx again! ----- Susan
  5. The Discontinuation Of TMG

    Like Sandy, I have been a longtime user of TMG dating back to the DOS days and the CompuServe days. I haven't done much research genealogy-wise for over a year now. and I haven't been on this site for sometime. I sure hated reading this forum topic today that TMG will come to an end. It will be sorely missed. In the past have tried other genealogy db, but none matched the capabilities of this program. I will certainly use Version 9 until the bitter end and then no doubt years after that. I did buy TMG version 8 back in January of this year. About a month or so later got an e-mail saying I was entitled to a free upgrade to version 9. I didn't download V9 until a couple of days ago. I unlocked it with the supplied code and all went well on importing the Version 8 backup, etc.... Now have found everyday since, been 2 days, I have to unlock it the first time it is accessed that day. If I don't unlock it, it says it is a trial version and after unlocking up comes a successfully unlocked notice. I'll need to send in a trouble message to support unless someone here has a quick answer. --- Susan