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  1. I recently purchased and installed TMG v9.03 on a Windows Vista PC. I wanted to bring in two distinct projects which had been kept in TMG v5.15 on a Windows 98 PC. Each project has a fair degree of cutomization, including tags and roles. I ran the maintenance functions on each project in TMG v5.15 and then created a backup file (.sqz) for each. I then attempted to move them forward to TMG v9.03 by using the Restore function on these backup files. One project seems to have moved flawlessly into v9.03 format. However, the second file, when Opened, results in a series of three warning popups: Variable 'ROLE' is not found. 6790 FIXROLE_E1 Variable 'LCOUNTVAR' is not found. 6792 FIXROLE_E1 Variable 'ROLE' is not found. 6796 FIXROLE_E1 Each popup offers choices Abort, Retry, Ignore Choosing Ignore causes a repeated cycle through the warning popups. Choosing Abort ends the cycle of warning popups and the project appears to open and function as it should. I have run the Maintenance function again on this project in v9.03, and it reports no problems, but the problem is stil present on the next Open of the project. Is this a known issue? Is there something that I can do to repair the project or further diagnose the issue? Thanks for any suggestions.