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  1. Accessing files in One Cloud

    Wow, sounds like I'm in over my head! I think I may have given the impression that I want to use the flash drive for data storage, writing directly to it from TMG, but that wasn't my plan. My intention with the flash drive is to use it solely for data transfer between my two computers. Right now my data files are on my desktop computer's C: drive (I have transferred them back from One Drive); if I want to access them on the laptop I would copy them (in their folders) from the C: drive to the flash drive, then transfer them from the flash drive to the laptop's C: drive. Is that workable? BTW, I appreciate the thoughts about backups; I actually have 2 automatic backup systems simultaneously backing up my hard drive, one to an external hard drive, the other to the cloud.
  2. Accessing files in One Cloud

    Thanks for the information. Next question: is there any reason why I couldn't just copy the files to my flash drive and use the flash drive with the laptop, instead of going through the backup/restore process?
  3. I originally purchased TMG v7 2 or 3 years ago. When I recently (last spring) updated my desktop computer from Windows Vista to Windows 8.1, all my existing programs were wiped out. I was able to recover several, but TMG wasn't among them. I haven't had time recently to do any genealogy research, so I had put off replacing the program. However, when I saw a couple weeks ago that TMG was being discontinued at the end of this year, I bought v9 so I wouldn't risk losing the data I had already accumulated. All my research, which is still in a folder under The Master Genealogist v7, was transferred to Microsoft One Cloud, along with all my other data files, back during the summer. When I installed v9, I had no problems accessing my files from my computer. Just a few days ago, again anticipating the discontinuation of TMG, I bought a second copy of v9 to install on my wife's laptop computer, so I could access my files if I was doing research away from home. However, when I try to access my files through One Cloud, I get error messages about old exhibits and certain data files not being found. When I click on OK, the program shuts down. I'm running the same version of Windows on both computers, so I should be able to access the same files from the laptop as on my desktop. What am I doing wrong?