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  1. Locked Out of TMG9

    I have a variation on this problem. Periodically, TMG starts and tells me that I have an expired trial version. I have carefully stored the registration informtion, so I retrieve it and unlock the full version. That's good for a few months, then I get the expired trial version, and I do everything all over again. Most recently, however, clicking to unlock and then reentering the serial number no longer works. I get an error message. I've double and triple-checked the data that I'm entering and it matches what I have saved and what shows up on "About." What do I do now? Would a reinstall solve my problem? Here's the weird part. When running the read-only version, if I click "Help" on the menu and select "About" I can see my serial number. I'm running TMG 9.5 on Windows 10.
  2. V 9.05 Install

    Thanks, Jim Byram. I've successfully recovered.
  3. V 9.05 Install

    Thanks Jim Byram! I'll try this tonight and let you know what happens.
  4. V 9.05 Install

    Last night I started TMG and noticed a message that v9.05 was available. I downloaded and installed & the install processed appeared to run smoothly -- no error messages and normal termination. However, when I started TMG I received numerous error messages with abort, retry, ignore. Then my screen was mostly blank with only the TMG Explorer window showing. I uninstalled 9.05 and reinstalled 9.04 & now I'm running normally again, but I'm wondering if v. 9.05 was legit and if anyone else has downloaded it and installed it successfully. I'm running on an HP laptop with Windows 7 Professional. Regards Allyn Brosz Washington, DC