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  1. Expired Trial Version problem

    I also have the same "Unlock the Full Version" prompt issue, about every forth or fifth time TMG V9.05 is launched. I have recently installed V9.05 hoping that this would rectify the problem. I have new windows 8.1 box, so no previous version of TMG on hard drive. I installed downloaded demo V9.03, (I think), while waiting for CD to arrive in June, (V9.01). I did not use "administrator" as I thought my "root" user name account would be authority. When V9.05 was installed from the downloaded installer about 2 weeks ago, I did not have to go through registration number process, it picked it up from a file on the hard drive I presume. I did the obvious uninstall on the previous version, and deleted the subdirectory directory "/The Master Genealogist V9" from "C:\Program Files (x86)". I do not appear to have the "C:\Program Data directory to delete the other two sub directory's, "\The Master Genealogist V9", and "The Master Genealogist V9 Installer". Not sure if my mistake was installing the trial version and inputting registration details prior the CD official copy, or maybe not deleting enough files before installing newer versions.
  2. V 9.05 Install

    Further to my previous post, I have now successfully installed TMG V9.05 from the down loaded Final TMG Installer setup file. I had assumed that this file required a separate "TMG application file" to access, not realising that it was contained within the one "Installer setup file". Just seemed to be too simple. Loaded with no problems, and picked up my user ID number from some were, automatically, (I did uninstall previous version of TMG). I can now see why that installer file is so important to have backed up. Cheers - John Foster.
  3. V 9.05 Install

    I purchased TMG V9.01 on CD in June this year, and installed it on a Windows 8.1 box. Unfortunately I get "Unlock the Full Version" option on a regular basis, having followed through with the Registration Info, and getting "Successfully Unlocked" message each time. I did a download of V9.01 (I think), while waiting for the official V9.01 CD to arrive, and was getting these regular prompts, about every 4 to 5 times the application was launched, and this continued when the CD copy was loaded, so wonder if I stuffed up by not waiting for the official CD file? I have now downloaded the V9.05 installer from the link on this forum, which I was able to direct to the "download" directory on the hard drive, and then I was able to copy to a memory stick for backup. I would like to do the same with the final V9.05 TMG application, via a link to the file. My problem is accessing the latest version is only possible with the TMG V9.01 application open, through - "Help" - "check for latest version". It wants to "install", no "copy to" option (to save file), and with V9.01 still open to carry out this instruction, I am not sure how to "uninstall" V9.01, when the V9.01 application has to be open to get directions for the download/install. I am hoping to continue using TMG for another 4-5 years if possible. Cheers - JF.