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  1. TMG V6 really!

    Hi Jim---the more I read...the smarter I become...I think. So I have been researching the new softwares (although I'm not finished) and I think I like Roots Magic so far. Your assistance has been invaluable and I appreciate all of your help tremendously. I've been reading the TMG manual and the help items in the program and whew...it's confusing. I'm hoping I can master the backup to disc without losing anything. At any rate I wanted to ask a favor of you. I'm going on vacation next week and I won't be back home until the end of the month. I didn't want to do anything with my data until I get back so I can reap the 30 days on V9. I just wanted you to know so that you didn't think I quit the switch and I wanted to ask for your patience in waiting for my next questions because I'm sure I will have a few (hundred :-). Thanks so much. BTW, just curious...what software are you using? thanks again....Mary
  2. TMG V6 really!

    Jim...thanks again for your reply. I feel like I'm getting somewhere and my descendants may not be lost in my old pc forever. If I install V9 on my new pc I will need to install V6 on it as well and then import my data into 9...is that correct? Then I need to choose where I will send my data from 9? Mary
  3. TMG V6 really!

    Jim---thank you soooo much for your reply. I'm in such a pickle that I didn't think anyone would reply. I've reviewed, researched and thought about your options. Obviously it leaves me with comments and questions and I'm sure you can straighten me out on them. These are just my thoughts and if I'm wrong in my thinking, PLEASE correct me. -I looked at the Roots Magic7 option and the working TMG import was really nice... however reviews say it can handle a "hefty db over 2000 names". I have close to 10,000 in my TMG so I thought RM 7 would be a no-go. -Legacy was "working" on a TMG import. Ugh...I want one that works now...working on it can be a long time away. -Family Historian with "still needs work on the import" scares me...I have too many peeps in my db to have to try to sift through a "fix this" report. In terms of the re-install of 6 and the 9, let me know if I have this correct--- I install 6 on my new PC then upgrade it to 9 via the link you mentioned. Restore my 6 files into the 9 and I can export it to other programs? If that is correct, once my information is in 9, are my options the same as the 3 softwares listed above. Also what is the 30 day trial version? I think I read something about that...like is 9 only good for 30 days and you better move your stuff out of it within 30 days. Again....thanks so much for all your help and advice! Mary
  4. TMG V6 really!

    I'm almost too embarassed to touch on this subject. I bought TMG v6 when it first came out and I was a very serious genealogist. After using it avidly and entering close to 10,000 "relatives", my life changed and for one reason or another TMG v6 sat idly on my PC. Enter computer crash. After some work the pc is working with "some" issues. I bought a new pc that now operates on Win 8 while the old one is Windows explorer. The old pc sat on the floor safely protecting my valuable research. One day I decided to get the info from it and put it on my new pc and get back into the research. Alas, it was not to be. So I have been reading and reading all over the internet and I am more confused than ever about what to do. I was just going to print it all and at least have it somewhere not lost in the pc but that presents as a very tedious job. I really would like to transfer it to the new PC into a new Genealogy program but after reading about that it sounds confusing and troublesome with a potential for a lot of cleanup. If any of you experts out there can offer this helpless soul some advice...I would be eternally grateful! Thank you so much....Mary