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  1. Updating from Ver 8 to 9

    My husband has been an avid user for years. I am having a real problem because of my ineptness. I went to import his latest project in Version 9, and it disappeared. I did that after having surgery with anesthesia, so that is probably why things "blew up." I did not make another copy of his backup, and I realized that the project I lost was not backed up. I have several projects as we have used different versions. I use TMG on PC Windows 7. I have had some troubles installing and then importing. I am searching for his latest projects and having a problem. I know *.pjc is the latest file, but what are the extensions of the opening project files in the earlier versions, like 8, as I can't find anything to open? I know I am not writing as clear as I would like, but it's almost impossible to put my problem into words. Thank you for any help. Ilona Stewart