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  1. roprotectionman error

    Jim, Thanks so much for getting me operational again! While my situation forced me to consider alternatives (some of which are viable), TMG remains my preferred program and I'll be using it for some time to come thanks to your help. Best Regards Greg
  2. What to replace TMG

    Hi Rowan I'm been having some success with Family Historian V6 so far using their 30-day free trial version - all records came across OK and the program has some nice features although missing some others. (I still prefer TMG and hope to stick with it longer as pointed out by Michael) Its worth giving FH a go perhaps so that you can see at least one example of an alternative. FH also has some tutorials online as well as an active user group including a "hangouts" call between users and "experts" Best Regards Greg
  3. roprotectionman error

    Hi Jim Thanks so much for your prompt response, its really appreciated. Its since recovering using an earlier backup in the more recent versions of TMG that the issues have presented. So there are two issues .... 1) Tag records are actually missing for every person in the project i.e. "Accident" and "Funeral" 2) When I try attempt a new entry under these tag types, upon clicking on the tag type from the list I receive the message ... Variable 'LAROLES' is not found. 61 FRMEVENTS.MCREATEROLES2. When I click on abort the Tag Entry box continues but the system then locks up. Using the task manager to end program I then receive the message "Unknown member ROPROTECTIONMAN." Entering under other tag types is OK. This has occurred since restoring a project in V8.08 (and V.9) - (uploaded from the website to alternate laptop since the HD crash on original laptop). The original backup that I have used was performed in V.8.02. Many entries and backups have been made since (each day of use) however it is only now when entering new data against these tag types that I've noticed. The interesting thing is that I have now uploaded the Family Historian trial version and converted the same database and all records including the Funeral and Accident records appear for each person. (as well as all records seeming to be intact) so I suspect not an issue with the project - what are your thoughts? Regardless of some success with FH, I would prefer to continue with TMG (for now at least). The way that events/tag records are presented for each person is certainly superior in TMG and as well I value the ease of using GedStar Pro app (which is excellent!!!) Thanks & Kind Regards Greg
  4. Dear TMG community I hope that you can help me. First though, we would like to wish Bob and his family all the very best... we sincerely hope that things work through and thank you so much for helping us to realise great outcomes from our research. Family is important. TMG has served so well for many years and while its presentation may not be all that "modern" the functionality of the program remains outstanding, clear and perhaps the most useable and practical product. No doubt its been a passion and we appreciate your efforts so much! Technically though; recently we have experienced the roprotectionman error following a hard drive crash and restoration. The Hard drive crashed during a recent visit to the UK. We were running V8.02 and uploaded V8.08 from the web to an alternative laptop while we were still traveling ... using the backup database that we had prior to flying. Restoration and update entries have all gone well for the months following (Oct until now) until realising that some tag records are missing for individuals i.e. Accident & Funeral that had been added. Furthermore to add using these tags raises the error. I was concerned that perhaps the updated between 8.02 and 8.08 may have caused the issue? Tried updating to v9 but this doesn't seem to fix it. (including V.9 repair routine) Much appreciated for any advice so that we can continue to use TMG. Really would prefer to not change. Many thanks Greg