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  1. Type box

    I used notepad. I tried the last approach with the new values. It made the "Type" box blank with no visible choices. Certain that I did something wrong. I copied and pasted the original [Otherinfobox]. It recovered the original tags. I am able to move the left column, but not the "Type" or otherinfobox right column. My screen when enlarged is about 2/3 [Name/Father/Mother] and the Type box is the remaining third. It is still has the categories, but no values and seems to be ample space (or more or less what is was a few days ago) I kind of liked seeing if there was someone there not edited since 1997. It is not critical that I have the Otherinfobox, but .... I do have the original cd purchased last March. Would re-installing it solve my problem? Also another question. What is the latest and last version of Windows useable for TMG 9.05? I'm currently using Windows 7 (I think). Gail
  2. Type box

    Well it is Spring and time to upgrade and I just learned Wholly Genes' upgrades, etc are discontinued. I'm sorry to read that. I've been using TMG for 18 years. It is a godsend and I'm not sure I will ever buy a new computer again and lose the use of my 9.05 database. My question: The upper right had box opposite the "Name-Father-Mother" box does not show a count or other information for the following (all of them): Reference, Children, Soundex, Tag count, age, last edited. Where did it go and how do I get the "Type" contents back?