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  1. Link to 9.05 update

    The computer is repaired and ready to use. My projects no longer have information in the box for number of tags, number of children and (my favorite) date last edited. I tried the repair feature in TMG.exe, but nothing happened. I did install v9 on a laptop and restore my Program. Everything is okay. Should I uninstall V9 from my PC and reinstate and restore; or is there something I’m missing in the repair feature?
  2. Link to 9.05 update

    Thank you.
  3. Link to 9.05 update

    I’ve tried the link. It isn’t working. Could you check it?
  4. I’ve postponed buying a new computer because I don’t want to lose TMG, but the time might be near. I have a licensed copy of 9 on disk. When I fist installed it I also used the update online. I can’t find a new link for the update 9.05.
  5. Type box

    I used notepad. I tried the last approach with the new values. It made the "Type" box blank with no visible choices. Certain that I did something wrong. I copied and pasted the original [Otherinfobox]. It recovered the original tags. I am able to move the left column, but not the "Type" or otherinfobox right column. My screen when enlarged is about 2/3 [Name/Father/Mother] and the Type box is the remaining third. It is still has the categories, but no values and seems to be ample space (or more or less what is was a few days ago) I kind of liked seeing if there was someone there not edited since 1997. It is not critical that I have the Otherinfobox, but .... I do have the original cd purchased last March. Would re-installing it solve my problem? Also another question. What is the latest and last version of Windows useable for TMG 9.05? I'm currently using Windows 7 (I think). Gail
  6. Type box

    Well it is Spring and time to upgrade and I just learned Wholly Genes' upgrades, etc are discontinued. I'm sorry to read that. I've been using TMG for 18 years. It is a godsend and I'm not sure I will ever buy a new computer again and lose the use of my 9.05 database. My question: The upper right had box opposite the "Name-Father-Mother" box does not show a count or other information for the following (all of them): Reference, Children, Soundex, Tag count, age, last edited. Where did it go and how do I get the "Type" contents back?