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  1. Thank you Terry and Jim - you are both very helpful. I really appreciate it. Dorothy was the lady I dealt with to fix my technical issues. Thanks again. Now, finger's crossed...
  2. Hello Everyone, I am writing this in desperation. I have a long-term genealogy project I've been working on for over a decade - but I don't do it all the time as I have an ongoing health issue. I've been using TMG's UK Gold edition since 2005. Last year I upgraded to v8 and was shortly thereafter contacted by WhollyGenes via email and upgraded to the newly released v9. I then had some technical issues and I communicated with a lady from the company to get it fixed - which we did by the end of October! Then in December my hard drive died and I lost EVERYTHING - including all my emails & all of my receipts. I did have a backup of my TMG data files, albeit a few months old, but nevertheless I have them. It has taken me this long to get my new hard drive installed and organize everything. So today (Feb 28th 2015) I tried to contact Wholly Genes and ask to have my activation/registration codes re-issued so I can continue with TMGv9 and my long-term project. Imagine my absolute horror when I found that the company has apparently folded and I am now left in 'limbo'. So I ask, if the company records ARE still available will someone from Wholly Genes please help me so that I may continue my project using a newly downloaded version of the program I purchased a few months ago. That's another thing - where do we get copies from now? I am a legitimate customer, and I have spent hundreds of dollars supporting this company and it's software for many years - I would hope that someone from the company will please provide some assistance. Can anyone help or do I just chalk my decade of hard work using and customising my project in TMG UK Gold version up to history and start over?? I sincerely hope that someone can provide some advice and assistance. Thanks, and Kind regards, MJ Purcell