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  1. I exported my original TMG7 files into Ancestry.com (through GEDCOM transfer) and worked on them there for several months, adding about 4000+ names, then exported back into TMG7. (again GEDCOM) I am using Firefox browser with Win 7 if that matters. When TMG7 comes up, I have several thousand names missing, but if I do a listing in the project explorer, they are 7000 files ( which accounts for all the ones I added using Ancestry.com). When I try to click on a name which is listed in the project explorer, but which I cannot see in the person or family/tree view , it does not bring up any info. Again in project explorer, If I click on a name which was in my original data base but to which I added a spouse (through ancestry.com) it will not bring up the linked name. How do I get the new imported names to show up in the personal and family views? thanks