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  1. Would you send me a backup of your project (project files only) to test and tell me which people to test.


    Click on the link below for my email:

    Jim Byram


    Got this answer from tech support - turn off the link to the explorer window. I actually didn't have that window in my view but when I looked indeed there was a link. Got rid of the link and the problem hasn't occurred again. Thanks for your offer of help.

  2. When I change the focus person a window opens looking for .dbf files in The Master Genealogist folder. This happens whether selecting new person from focus list, children window, sibling window or anywhere else. Running Optimize eliminates the problem for that session but I have to go through the same routine every time I open TMG. Updating to V 6.10 has not changed the problem. Is there a fix?


    I'm having exactly the same problem. Restoring from a backup didnt help. Any other ideas?

  3. I'm trying to merge two datasets. I get an error message that the merge cant proceeed because ther eare one or more templates in the datasets that aren't standard. Im supposed to 1) set the source citation to custom (I did that) and then 2) go in each dataset and initialize the sources. I checked help and it says to go to Tools - Source Types and click on the dataset. An initialize button is suppose toi apepar. It doesn't. Help please..