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  1. Is it possible to add a new shortcut key? I want to add one for the biography tag. Is it possible to modify an existing shortcut key. If I can't add a shortcut key for biography I would then like to change the Ctrl-H (history) shortcut key to invoke the biography instead of history.
  2. I want to add another column of information to the Master Source List window. Is that possible? Will help me sort all the sources so I can see which ones are "wills" and make a correction to earlier errors. I know I can see the type if I use the MORE but that won't let me sort the entire list in type order.
  3. I am concerned that I have events marked as non-primary that should be primary. So my problem is how to find all non-primary events so I can correct the wrong ones. Looked at filters but didn't seem that would work. Can anyone steer in the right direction or offer ideas?
  4. Got this answer from tech support - turn off the link to the explorer window. I actually didn't have that window in my view but when I looked indeed there was a link. Got rid of the link and the problem hasn't occurred again. Thanks for your offer of help.
  5. I'm having exactly the same problem. Restoring from a backup didnt help. Any other ideas?
  6. I'm trying to merge two datasets. I get an error message that the merge cant proceeed because ther eare one or more templates in the datasets that aren't standard. Im supposed to 1) set the source citation to custom (I did that) and then 2) go in each dataset and initialize the sources. I checked help and it says to go to Tools - Source Types and click on the dataset. An initialize button is suppose toi apepar. It doesn't. Help please..