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  1. Jim, Thank you. I was able to restore the project. It is operating in repair mode right now. Really appreciate the help. Thank you so much, Margaret
  2. Jim, Thank you. I tried your suggestions. There were no .CDX files in the project. When I tried opening the Sample project and then using File/Open to open my project, I got the following Message: "Project is in use elsewhere. Please select another project" When trying to restore a backup which I'd fortunately made the previous day, I got the following message: "You're trying to restore a backup over your existing data. Are you sure you want to continue?" Should I say "Yes"? Thanks, Margaret
  3. While entering data into TMGv9 we had a power failure. When the power returned, I found the following message when I opened TMGv9 "An error happened when opening the data tables". I clicked OK. Then I was kicked back to the desktop. Upon trying to open TMGv9 again, I encountered the gray screen that asks you to select a project, use sample project, etc. The box for the default/current project was grayed out. When I clicked on " select a project" and selected a project, the following message appeared: "Repair mode has been activated. The application will now operate somewhat more slowly as it validates each file that is opened. Repair mode will be off again the next time that you run the application. I then clicked ok and TMG kicked me back to the desktop. If I click "Open the sample project", the sample project screens appear. There are TMGv9 files in my program files (x86), but no TMG files under program files. Should I restore my latest backup file? Or is there a different issue? Thanks Margaret
  4. Reinstalling TMG v9

    Thank you very much. I'm up and running now. Happy New Year
  5. Reinstalling TMG v9

    We recently had to reinstall Windows 10. My TMG v9 files are no longer in the Windows program and program (x86) files. However, TMG v9 files are in the C:\Documents\TMG v9 directory. Do I do a complete install from my TMG v9 CD? Thank you.
  6. Virginia, Thank you so much. I'm able to generate reports using RTF. Still baffled as to why I can't save as a pdf. Margaret
  7. I had to reinstall TMG v.9 and upgrade to v.9.05 due to a computer crash. Running Windows 8.1. Have encountered the same error messages "printer not activated - error code 30", "Ter Print 2 - Error code 15" when attempting to create reports (family group sheets, individual detail and individual narrative) and save to pdf file. I followed the instructions to delete the pdf printer and reinstall. I have reboted. Now I do not get these error messages, but TMG goes into a "do loop" with a "please wait" message and have never gotten the message asking if I want to open the file. I have Acrobat reader DC installed on my computer. Going into the reports output folder, the title of my FGS is listed, and when I attempt to open it Acrobat puts up the dialog box with the message "There was an error opening this document. This file is already open or in use by another application." I am unable to save a report to Word 2013 - the file is terribly corrupted when I open it. Thankfully I am able to print hard copy but that kills a lot of trees. Thanks for any help you can offer. Margaret
  8. Terry - thank you so much for your help. I have version 9.05 up and running.
  9. I recently experienced a computer crash, resulting in HP's replacing the video card and updating/resetting BIOS. I am running WIndonws 8.1 on a 64 bit computer. When I reinstalled TMG v. 9.03 Gold from my CD, put in the unlock code, the program stated I was running a demo disk good for 30 days (have 28 days left). I was successful in restoring my backed up data. I have attempted to Run as Administrator. The latest dialogue box stated "Registration data is invalid. You will be prompted to register again when you next start the application. In the meantime we will continue in trial mode. Please contact tech support if you continue to have trouble." My version 9.03 Gold was purchased on 8/5/2014. I upgraded from v. 8 U.S. Gold. How do I obtain the upgrades from v. 9.03 to 9.04 and 9.05?