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  1. Difference between optimize and reindex

    Mostly I do, sometimes I'm in a hurry to leave and need to get the sqz file backed up onto my usb drive. In that case, I optimize the next morning.
  2. Difference between optimize and reindex

    My client's database I vfi almost every day before I back it it up and optimize almost everyday but definitely when I discover some place names that need "merging" like when fixing a spelling. I almost never reindex and got to wondering about the distinction. Thanks for the opinions.
  3. The help file says regarding Optimize "Deleted records, including people, events, sources, repositories; unused media files in Slideshow; as well as duplicate place records, will be eliminated and the space reclaimed. Duplicate place records will be consolidated so that only one entry remains in the Master Place List." After I've optimized and gone to the Place Names, they have been reindexed as they've eliminated the duplicate place records as stated. So the question is when/why would one want to just reindex when optimize does that and more? I've always ignored reindex and wonder if I should be considering using it for some reason.
  4. Filter for role

    JanisR's solution is what I had been trying with no luck, so I tried Teresa and Jim's as well, also with no luck. So, I guess I can safely conclude that I had already eliminated having people use that role and I can now delete the role. Thanks for the other ways to try as I'm sure it will come in handy some other time as I'm cleaning things.
  5. Filter for role

    I have a a census tag that a long time ago I made a role of Motherinlaw. I think I only used it once or twice. I'd like to find it/them but can't figure out how to filter for anyone who has that role. Can any of you filter guru's help me?
  6. V7 Installation Problem

    Bless you Ellatree and hubby, even though I noticed a few "failures", it was enough that I was able to install. Now all I've gotta do is find the time to play.
  7. Filtering Tasks

    Would one of you please give me step by step how I can turn a .flk filter into a .flp filter. In reports, I can do a List of Tasks, with a filtered group of "task name contains x". With help at a previous time, I have a .FLP called All Tasks (any event # of tasks > 0 or # of tasks > 0) and one called Any Event has a Task (any event # of tasks > 0). But for the life of me, I can not filter the project explorer to filter on task names "task name contains x". I can make the report, but then I have to print it out, or write down the IDs or flip back/forth btwn screens. I want to filter the PE to do it instead. So how do I get the PE to filter on task names? This is driving me nuts.
  8. Mixed Case Exhibit names

    I have a bunch of exhibits currently named like this - 020-emmajanelittlechandler.jpg For reasons unimportant to discussion, I'm re-doing some things and the exhibits are going to be renamed case sensitive, thus this file will become 020-EmmaJaneLittleChandler.jpg I know about the trick to use File > Preferences > Advanced > Save Image Thumbnails, uncheck the box, then recheck the box to get them to reconnect. My questions is, in so doing, will it reconnect the images as long as they are identically named, regardless of case sensitivity? Or do I need to go re-connect them all individually? -- Kathryn Bassett (at work address) kathrynatgwens@socal.rr.com kathryn@bassett.net (home)
  9. Check this screen capture first so you can see what I'm talking about. http://www.ourwebsite.org/storage/tmgstuff/filterdates.jpg I need to make the PE filter on Death Group date contains WP but there is no choice of doing so. I can choose Irregular but that gives me more than I want. I only want the ones that have WP in that irregular date. Or BP in the birth dates. Or +/- in the birth dates. I have thousands of corrections to make and want to do them systematically. For the WP, I need to make Probate tags with the pertinant dates and delete the death date. For the BP dates, I need to change the birthdate to a baptismal date and eliminate the BP. For the +/- I need to get rid of the +/- and make them circa dates. Another problem is that there are dates that in old program had something like "ca 159x" and it imported as "circa 0159". I need to fix all those to "circa 1595", though filtering using "has modifier" might work for that. John, if you see a way that the Utility will work for any of this, let me know. There's over 8000 people that use a modifier.
  10. Bassett, Kathryn

    My own site: http://bassett.net/secondsite/kathryn-p/ I happen to prefer Family Groups Sheets to narratives, so I use the SS grid format as that comes the closest to a FGS. I also have data for several friends and clients available at: http://www.ourwebsite.org Borup || Galitzer || Golden || Hooker || Wells || Miles || Nevins || Rippetoe || Stanley || Zanteson I use Dreamweaver as my web development program.
  11. What is AVATAR?

    Another example for you, if this works, is that I have attached an avatar that is a tree with pedigree blanks. Eventually, I'll put up one that is a picture of me.