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  1. Windows 10 and TMG 9

    My installation of TMG 8 on a Windows 10 machine works without problems, except for creating PDF reports. After first installing Windows 10, I had to run the PDF printer installer within TMG. That runs, but has errors, including a DLL that can’t be installed. Running TMG in administrator mode, I’ve tried the following PDF file converters: the newest Amyuni PDF Converter, CutePDF Writer, and Microsoft Print to PDF. Using any of those PDF converters, the usual TMG messages are displayed and the small Wait window is displayed. At that point TMG hangs and never proceeds. A 0 size file is creater, and after ending TMG with Task Manager, the file is hung open in a Windows system routine. Reports are created with no problems when creating Word files. TMG 9.05 will not install. When running the installer, it immediately crashes and doesn’t display anything.