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  1. Thank you Jim. Unfortunately. This did not solve my problem. I still get the OLE error when I print to a printer. Print preview DOES work....but selecting the print button does not do anything. Other ideas? -bs
  2. Limited success Jim. I do NOT have the TMG PDF printer installed (deleted from control panel devices and nothing showing in device drivers). I am running TMG as an administrator. Under printer set-up, I have selected my regular printer. If I try to send a Family Group report directly to the printer, I get the OLE error/class registration message. After ignoring it, I'm returned to TMG. Nothing printed. If I try to send the Family Group report to a screen preview, I get the OLE error (which I ignore) followed by a "Unknown Member PDF" error (which I ignore 3 times in succession). The preview then shows on my screen as expected. Once I press the printer button in the upper left corner, I get the "Unknown Member PDF" error again...after which I get the normal Windows print dialog and all proceeds as expected. -bs
  3. I am receiving the same OLE error code (without the registration statement following, though). While I can do a screen preview, I can not​ print to a file or any printer. This is a showstopper to my work. I first tried to reinstall the printer from TMG's print setup menu. I saw an error Code 32 in the Amyuni Document Converter window in reference to copying cdintf.dll "The process cannot access the file because it is being..." (message was truncated within a window that would not expand). I then deleted the printer from control panel and verified on the driver page that there is not a corresponding print driver installed. I deleted the cdintf400.dll file as recommended in the January 2012 posting. I reran TMG using administrator privileges and then installed the print driver from TMG's print setup menu. I did NOT get the Code 32 error mentioned above. However, unfortunately, I still get the OLE error code referenced above. My system: Windows10 MS Surface Pro 3 / 8gb with >100gb of free space TMG 9.05.0000 Thanks much for any help. -bs