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  1. TMG Gold Version 7.04 & Windows 10

    Jim & Terry, Thank you for your inputs. The serial # I was using had clipped the last letter and therefore gave the error message. I found the correct # in a saved old email. The correct serial # has been input and our TMG7 works fine per your instructions. We are also looking at several of the programs suggested. Thanks again and Happy Holidays, Mark & Helen
  2. TMG Gold Version 7.04 & Windows 10

    Jim, Thanks for the quick response to Helen's query. Regarding your first suggestion: When we first open TMG the "Expired trial version" window pops up. When selecting the "Unlock the full version now" button, I've tried the three options (web download, phone order & other). I have all the pertinent info for those options but they don't unlock the full version. When TMG does open, the "Report" tab allows no selection. Also, "print" is not listed there. Regarding the second: Selecting "Run as Admin..." does not have an "unlock" feature? When selected, we get the warning asking if we want to run this unknown file. When running it just goes back to the expired trial version. You mentioned workarounds? Any suggestions or possible links to trusted free downloads of versions 7-9? Also, Helen is open to moving her data to another program. Any ideas which programs use the SQZ files? Thanks for any further assistance on this matter. Mark
  3. ‚ÄčI am/was using 7.04. This past week, my husband installed Windows 10. Now, I am locked out of my data base. When I tried to log into 7.04 after the Windows upgrade, I received a message stating that my trial version had expired and I needed to buy a newer version. At that point, I found out that TMG is no longer being made. Please help me find an upgrade so that I can access my data! I'm more than willing to buy a newer version. Or, at the very least, find a way to export my data base to another genealogy program.