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  1. Print Report Error

    Thank you!! I am now able to print.
  2. Print Report Error

    I cannot print any reports from my TMG v. 9.03 and received the OLE error Code ox80040154: class not registered. I followed the advice given by Jim and ran my 9.03 installer again and selected repair. I actually did this three times. This did not fix the problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled my TMG program and that did not fix the problem. I still cannot print reports. I see that Pat said she also had this problem and that she ran a CLEAN install. I am sorry. I do not understand what that means. Can someone help me and explain what a CLEAN install means. Or offer any other advice so that I can print my reports. I would appreciate it if someone would give me explicit instructions on what do do. Please be warned that I am a computer idiot and am intimidated by how much I do not know about computers. That being said, I am at a total loss if I cannot print my reports from TMG. Thank you.