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  1. Thanks for your offer of help. I am in the process of obtaining a registration code for version 9 of TMG. My problem was that I could not find any of my backups from version 5 to restore to version 9. I finally remembered that I had saved my backups to my zip drive. I dug through my old computer stuff and was able to come up with a backup and a working zip drive to restore! I am extremely happy that I will be able to use my TMG again. No other program touches the capabilities of TMG and I was very sad to find that it was no longer being updated. So now I have a new laptop and a new version that I plan on using as long as I possibly can. Thanks again! Heather R.
  2. My old genealogy computer died and I got a laptop to work on. Unfortunately I can't install my version 5 on my new computer, which is running Windows version 8.1 and I can't open the DBF file in version 8 or 9 and I can't access my backup to move it to version 8 or 9. Do I have to start over with my family tree?