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  1. Print Timeline

    Hi Mike, You might like to try my free TimeLiner Utility 2 Versions are available V4 and V5 http://beesoft.soho.on.net/BeeSoft/Timeliner/FreeV5/TLP5Setup.zip http://beesoft.soho.on.net/BeeSoft/Timeliner/FreeV4/TLP4Setup.zip See http://beesoft.soho.on.net/BeeSoft/Timeliner/index.html for details Bryan BeeSoft
  2. I have emailed all users of Pathwiz! regarding a download link for version 9 (9.3) which is now available.However, I have had quite a number of returns from undeliverable mail addresses I still have in my user database.If you are an existing user and would like me to send you the download link please email me atbeesoft@internode.on.netYou can follow the PathWiz! V9 link onhttp://beesoft.infofor details on the changes/enhancements in the new versionBryanBeeSoft
  3. External Exhibit Paths

    Joe, You might care to look at my PathWiz! - Listed in WG Companion Products -an exhibit manager with lots of uses for exhibit users in TMG Its web site is via http://beesoft.info and then PathWiz! V9 Bryan
  4. More exhibit problems - v. 7.04

    Visual FoxPro does have a size limit for its tables - looks like you have hit it with the _I table - the Exhibit Log. Most TMG experts suggest using external exhibits as the way to go. Backup SQZ files will be very much smaller. Internal exhibits can be converted to external files with PathWiz! see WhollyGenes online store - Companion products to purchase. Bedubya
  5. Backups failed

    As mentioned in your next thread 'Backup Problems Continued, Backup Failures. Glad to see PathWiz! has been excluded from your list of possible causes....
  6. Backups failed

    Afina said <I just noticed that in the folder for this project there is a .tmp file that is not present in any of my other project folders, as well as three files BACK_I.CDX, BACK_I.DBF, and BACK_I.FTP, that are not present in my other folders. Would that be something PathWiz stuck in there?> Yes, these files are a duplicate copy of your Exhibit Log - used within PathWiz! if the 'Restore' option is chosen in step10.
  7. Exhibit link

    PathWiz! ( available from the WhollyGenes online-store ) is an Exhibit Management utility which provides many 'tools' to manage the contents of your Exhibit Log and your use of exhibits. see http://pathwiz.com/ Bryan BeeSoft
  8. Printing timelines

    There is a FREE utility built specially to make timelines from your project. It is by BeeSoft who make PathWiz! ( available from Wholly Genes) http://beesoft.soho.on.net/BeeSoft/Timeliner/index.html It has other associated capabilities also including build your own or edit one of Wholly Genes supplied timelines. Bryan BeeSoft
  9. Hello to TMG Users. I'm pleased to announce the availability of an upgrade to TimeLinerPlus! ***** Make TMG Timelines and view your Research Notes easily. ***** New Features in TimeLinerPlus! V2 >>> The TMG Project can now be filtered by even more options : - Using up to 5 names in the template - (using the vertical bar | separator as in TMG Memos) - On a Flag Value - ie SEX = .F. - On a Year Range using YYYY format - includes any events within the range value inclusive. (You can also just use a start or end date on their own.) Go to http://beesoft.info and select the Timeliner box on the left of the Menu at the top of the page to get to the details and download pages. Illustrations of the operations of Timeliner are on that page or linked to it In particular the operations of the filtering options are linked at Filtering Possibilities I ask that you leave your email details so that I can let you know of an upgrade. Bryan BeeSoft
  10. The answer to the question is - where will you want the exhibit paths to be in WIN 7? Remember the old pics folder in the TMG program path will not be able to be used in a 'Vista' type OS. PathWiz! will change them to wherever you want them to be. Works in WIN 7 and Vista. HTH Bryan BeeSoft
  11. I am using Win 7 RC on my PC and TMG works fine for me. I want to relocate my 'All Users' installation back to the default folders. Using the Control Panel.....Uninstall I get the message 'Could not open INSTALL.LOG file. I see the file INSTALL.LOG in Windows explorer in 'P:\The Master Genealogist v7_all\sysdata\' where the TMG executable is. How can I complete an uninstall?
  12. As a test of filename lengths I used Pathwiz! to replace a picture file in my TMG V7 test project. The actual filename is bryan with jones dogs using a very long file name as an example of what is possible in Windows with the new name capabiliies that have evolved from the 8_3 old DOS filenames which were hard to understand where there were more.jpg I can't imagine anyone actually using that long a filename. The thumbnail was correctly introduced by opening TMG and shows in PathWiz! too. See screenshot of ELog/Properties (namble to get attachemnts to stick here) http://beesoft.soho.on.net/_private/exhibit_log.htm Bryan
  13. Wishlist report

    Mike, You said >But when I use the contact link for Bryan at BeeSoft I get an error and my messages don't get through Thanks for the 'heads up' - that is now corrected! >Has anybody heard anything about a prospective release date for TagWiz. My development time is currently being taken up with PathWiz! V7. TagWiz! is next on my list. However, there is a possibilty of an interim version with just the Tag Analysis fully functional. If anyone would care to beta test this plesae contact me from the Contact us link on http://beesoft.soho.on.net/BeeSoft/tagwiz/ >There have been literally dozens of times for me already when a tag-oriented utility program would have come in handy. Good to know there might be a demand. Regards Bryan BeeSoft
  14. Exhibit files actually used in TMG

    Joe, I think you have identified a featute that I could consider adding to PathWiz! If you are prepared to send me your myproject_I files I will tell you how to get a list of the files in a folder that I can then compare to the _I file. If you want to send me a copy of your projects SQZ file to make things easy that will be fine. let me know off-forum at beesoft (at) internode (dot) on (dot) net Bryan