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  1. About ten years ago I exported a branch of my family as a sqz file and then consequently deleted it. I cannot figure out how I did this. I have two branches that I have determined are not part of the family but would like to save them for future references. Also would like to delete from my tree. Using version 9. Any help would be appreciated. Jack
  2. Problem with font sizes

    Thanks Jim. Been using TMG for years and never knew this! Jack
  3. Using version 9.05. New install on a laptop Windows 10. Small problem. Preferences Lists has two settings for Max/Min Font Size. I like 10 points but whenever I close TMG it reverts to 11 points. Everything else seems to be fine. I have checked all the Paths under Advanced and they seem correct. Any ideas? Jack
  4. Exhibit Issue

    Thanks for your help. Went back and started over with the whole thing. This time when I used the Validate File Integrity / External exhibits feature I got sidetracked and let it run even when it looked like it froze TMG. And it worked! Sorry to waste your time but I think everything is OK. Jack
  5. Exhibit Issue

    "Your description sounds like the exhibit paths are still pointing to drive E" That is exactly what they are doing. I used the Validate File Integrity / External exhibits feature but it froze TMG 9 every time I tried it. My Exhibits folder has a lot of subfolders. There was a feature to check for this but that too froze TMG9.
  6. Exhibit Issue

    I am migrating from Desktop where TMG 9 was located on the E drive. The C drive was small and used primarily for the operating system. The new laptop only has a C drive. Everything went over fine except all my exhibits. They are all showing up as frowny faces (missing). The Properties Screen shows them all as being located on the old E drive not the new C drive hence all are listed as missing. I have checked all the preferences and they all point to the new C drive. I have run all the maintenance option including Validate File Integrity and checking the Search For Missing Exhibits box. Nothing does any good. In fact, that last option froze TMG. Kind of at lost on what to do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Jack
  7. Extra Commas in Narrative Reports

    Thanks Michael. I have a workaround but was hoping there was a way but not a show stopper.
  8. Recently coming back to genealogy after a number of years. Been messing around trying to reacquaint myself with TMG. Been working with reports and have the following issue. When I generate a Narrative Report I get a comma after the place name. Some of the sentences generated already include commas so I end up with a double comma after the place name. I know the obvious solution is to edit the sentence and delete the offending comma. But what I am curious about is if there is a way to suppress the comma from he end of the place name. I tried editing the report on the "Place" Tab, "Use selected place fields", and then "Trim leading and trailing commas" but this had no effect. I also tried "Use Short Place field" which also had no effect. Any ideas would be appreciated. Jack
  9. Hi Have been recently having trouble with reports. When I create a report with and/or parameters I will use parantheses. When I surround the or part of the phrase with parantheses I get an error message saying "unbalanced number of paranthese" (or something like that). If I had another row of criteria and redo the parantheses I get the same error. If I then remove the new row then redo the parantheses everything works fine. This is not a critical problem as I have found a work around. Just annoying. And also stange as I have used TMG for years and done hundreds of reports and never had this problem until recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jack