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  1. Thank you Jim! Unfortunately there is no data in the projects folder (no sub folders either, just empty) and no .sqz in the BACKUP folder (only dlls and ocx files) So perhaps he never really used it. The error log has one post: C:\WINDOWS\System32\bbFolderTree.ocx was registred I downloaded everything that looked important from his HDD to mine- thinking now I might have missed something on his, when I hook it up again I will take a closer look -now when I know what I am looking for! Thank you for the help Jim - and the quick reply!
  2. Hello! I been saving old HDD's from my dads old computer, he was into genealogy and I know he came quite far. In his HDD I found this folder: The Master Genealogist I am unsure if he truly used this application or not, he got another genealogy application in there as well. How can I open his tree up and view it? (if he created one in TMG) I see there is also a BACKUP folder with things in it - but looks more like an install backup. some files got created in 2000, others been used 2002 and last 2003 (error log among other). I don't see an install application - I see a: goweb.exe app ... but didn't seem to do anything. Found an INSTALL log: tmg5setup.exe seems to be the one that he used last to install. (2002) I would love to get this data that he has created, is there anyone that might know how to do this? I can't even find a download button on this site to download the last version (full release) to see if an import might work. Hoping someone might be able to help me out! Thank you so much!