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  1. Update (final?): The re-register of vfp9r.dll got my v7 back, did new project backups and I took screenshots of Preference settings. I installed v9 from a fresh download of the trial TMGv9.04. I restored all my projects into TMG9 directories, and all worked fine. I tried to start v7, and was back to the original error! I have a working v9 with all my projects and customizations, and will abandon v7. I've backed up the v9 install file to CD, created fresh project backups in v9, and now I expect to be on v9 for a long time. thanks to all, and much appreciate the support network.
  2. Much appreciated. The 're-registering' of vfp9r.dll worked. This makes (some) sense, as I used the Control Panel Uninstall of v9, and this .dll must not have been tagged as a shared file also required by my v7 installation. TMGv7 now works. Thanks. The unregister of cdintf400.dll failed; not sure what the implications might be for using v7. I'm going to take snapshots of my v7 Preferences, then do a clean install of v9 (this has always worked); if I can't run both programs, then I'll make the definitive move to v9 and use my shots to update Preferences. again, thanks.
  3. Update: So system seems stable after a couple of days, other than some missing MS updates caused by my restore. I downloaded the trial TMGv9.04; installed and started fine. Started v7 and received original error as previously reported. Seems obviously related to v9 install breaking v7 references to Visual FoxPro files. Decided to use Control Panel to uninstall v9; OK. Attempted start of v7 and received "cannot locate MS Visual FoxPro support library". I am unfamiliar with MS VFP, so will do some further searching on VFP (which is no longer supported by MS) but there might be some forums.
  4. Update: Well, after two attempted system restores (both failed with errors, two different restore points), a Restore Undo (incomplete), and another failed restore at a third restore point (!), I checked my programs and I had a working version of TMGv7! I was able to back up all my projects, and customizations. I intend to run for a couple of days to confirm other noted programs affected (or not) by failed restores are OK. Will then re-do install of v9.
  5. Jim, Michael - your ideas and comments are much appreciated. Yes, I installed v9 into a new directory (to keep v7 around for a while). Odd that v7 error message is tagged for v9 folder. The restore point is a great idea; that hopefully will get me a working v7 with customizations; also appreciate the link for the v7.04 install; I didn't really want to attempt to reinstall from my source cd. Will attempt recovery tonight. Jim - interesting that you suggest a new install of v9 from the trial version; any particular reason? thanks guys.
  6. I've been running TMGv7 since it was first available. Decided that I'm in for the long haul, so downloaded and installed v9; checked for update and installed v9.04. Sample project works fine. Went to start v7 to backup my projects and customizations in order to restore into v9 and received Visual FoxPro error: "Fatal error: Exception code=C0000005 @ date time. Error log file: C:\program files (x86)\The Master Genealogist v9\vfp9rerr.log" v7 will not run. v9 is fine. no such error log file or similar exists in v7 or v9 directories. I believe that I read in a post that I could merely copy my projects to the proper folder (or I could use an older .sqz file to restore), but I would like to run v7 to get my customizations, and also open both versions side by side to confirm/transfer settings in Preferences. thks
  7. Resolved ! I'm not convinced this is the best solution, but it does work. 1. Login as Administrator account, and uninstall TMGv7; be sure to manually cleanup Application Data folders, Start...Programs menu items, desktop shortcuts, as the uninstall process does not. 2. Restart pc (to clean up all temp data), login in as Admin account, install TMGv7 for all users, do not start TMG, logoff Admin. 3. Logon as User account, start TMG. starts fine, does some initial setup, but cannot unlock (User account cannot update registry); logoff. 4. Login as Admin, update User account to Admin privilege; 5. switch to User, start TMG, unlock program; TMG starts fine; logoff. 6. switch to Admin, update User account to Limited privilege; logoff. 7. run TMG from User account. So I am now able to run TMG from my User account, as I do all my applications, and safely keep my Admin account for program installs and computer maintenance.
  8. further update: I uninstalled v7 through Admin account, changed the privileges on my User account to Admin, then through User account I installed v7 for current user; started TMG and ran fine. Then, updated my User account back to Limited, and was unable to start TMG, receiving same original error message "File access denied ...". I'm going to do some more research on Admin and User accounts; I don't believe that my User account should not have access to ...\allusers\... but who knows; nevertheless, I wonder about the v7 design for install and run.
  9. I successfully installed v7 on XP SP2 using the Admin account and selecting 'for all users'. When I start TMG from my user account, I receive the error "File access is denied c:\...\allusers\appln data\tmgv7\strings.cdx". If I start TMG from the Admin account, the program starts fine. I can't think that this is an install problem, more likely a config on my pc. My practice is to never run applications from the Admin account, only my user account, so I don't want to leave as is as a work around. ideas??