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  1. I purchased v8 back in April 2013. Used it repeatedly without problems. Last time I used it was last summer. Tried to access it this week to update some information and now I'm getting a message that I'm trying to access an expired trial version. No idea what to do. When I click 'Unlock the full version' and add my contact info and serial # I get a message that my registration is invalid. I now only have read-only access. Any idea what I can do to get access restored?
  2. "expired trial version" message during login

    Hey, thanks for the responses, everyone! I was able to make contact with wholly genes and got my correct serial number. Then checked out Terry's wonderful website and followed instructions regarding repeated requests to unlock. So hopefully at this point I should be set. Thanks again! This was wonderfully helpful. Joe
  3. "expired trial version" message during login

    Thanks for the response! Yet another reason for me to love Windows. I suppose with Wholly Genes closed there's no place for me to go to confirm I'm using the correct serial number is there? Part of me is wondering if the # I'm using is from one of the earlier versions I'd purchased.