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  1. I should have added that I also tried deleting 29 .cdx files from the project folder without success. Vince Hartnett www.syngeneia.org
  2. Just happened to me. Last night as I was closing down a day of work, and as I always do I re-indexed and optimized. Then when I clicked Validate File Integrity, the first warning dialogue box opened (warning about the time it will take to validate), clicked okay, but the second dialogue box which usually opens asking about checking external exhibits did not open and the Validate process did not begin. So I tried to start Validate again and received the "Project in use elsewhere warning." I would get this warning when trying any file activity, even backing up, so I exited and restarted the program. Now I receive an error message that the "XXXX_P.dbf file is not found." I can open the sample project or restore a backup (though the program now opens in repair mode). There is about ten hours of work since my last backup - not a disaster but of course I don't remember all the items I worked on since then. The "missing" dbf file is right there in the project folder, but with a date stamp about 24 hours earlier than the other files (when I had backed up and closed down the night before). I tried emptying the Temp folder but no change. The project is in its own folder and all exhibits are external. Thanks for any ideas on this. Vince Hartnett